Sunday, November 18, 2012

SYF rant

I'm really not looking forward to the end of the holidays! I can't even begin how terrible life will be next year, since I'll be busy with SYF (which is no longer SYF) and O-Level preparation. Oh no. Okay I need to rant about the new SYF thing.

So, the biannual Singapore Youth Festival competitions are changed to "Arts Presentations" and the awards (COP, B, S, G, GWH) are changed to Certificates of Distinction et cetera because the government didn't want students to be obsessed with the awards but rather enjoy the process of performing the respective arts. This is just my personal opinion, but isn't the reason why students work hard for SYF to get the award because they love their CCA? If they didn't have the passion for it, why bother? The awards is sort of like a recognition or a reward for their hard work and efforts. By lowering the bar to attain the top award, everything just loses a part of its value. Yes, it's true that some schools may be more concerned about the award rather than the students' love for the arts, but so what? This is the Singapore YOUTH Festival, so naturally it is the youth, the participants, that are "supposed" to be the ones enjoying the experience of performing, not the principals or teachers. As long as the students are genuinely passionate about their band/choir/dance/etc., I don't really see the harm of having a competitive system. Doesn't Singapore try to keep Singaporeans "competitive to stay afloat in the economy" (quote: SS textbook lol) so what is wrong with keeping internal competitions what they are supposed to be: competitive! The SYF gives us something to strive for, to work hard for. Without it, there seems to be a lack of purpose in our CCA lives. That said, it doesn't mean that we only work for the award. We work to be better performers, and as we improve, we want to see what sort of standard we are at so we can benchmark ourselves and further improve on our skills! In addition, I actually liked the SYF preparation stress back when I was competing in the 2011 SYF. Just sayin'.

I guess there's nothing to be done about this now, since the government has already officially announced it and all. All I wished was that they implemented this in 2015 instead, hehe.

Anyway, we received the SYF set pieces a few days back (Thursday?) and it is seemingly easy. That's the scary part about it though. It just proves that the "bell curve" (got to start using O-Lvl related terms lolsies #kiasusingaporean) is going to be very high! I'm confident that SMSB will get the Distinction anyways. :-)

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