Sunday, November 25, 2012

Strictly Pancakes

So after days/weeks/months of drooling over Instagram photos and food reviews, I finally got the chance to head down to Strictly Pancakes at Upper East Coast this evening with the family to see (taste) for myself to see if these infamous pancakes lived up to their reputation. I wasn't disappointed!

After reading many reviews, I did expect quite a lot from these humble pancakes, as well as the amount of time needed to wait for them. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the restaurant was half empty when we arrived. Perhaps the dessert/supper crowd have yet to arrive.

We ordered three pancakes to share among the four of us: Garlic Butter Prawn, The Druggie as well as the one with the beef skewers, along with Garlic Herb butter and the Unsalted butter. The pancakes arrived within fifteen minutes- much to the delight of my rumbling tummy.

The pancakes completely blew my kind and I was hooked on the first bite!

I had the Garlic Butter Prawn one first, and that bite set the bar for the other pancakes. The pancake was lathered in garlic butter sauce which was fabulous. The garlic was not overpowering and the pancakes were soft, thick and fluffy. The succulent prawns tasted fresh, unlike those frozen prawns that can be found in the supermarket. The only downside was that there were only six prawns to go with the three huge pancakes! :-(

The beef skewer pancake, on the other hand, was quite a disappointment. I was a little apprehensive at first as two beef skewers seemed a little pathetic for a dish that cost $14. The beef balls tasted burnt and did not bring out the flavor of the beef well enough. The pineapples were a tad to sour and burnt as well. The pancakes were good though. However, I felt that it would have been more worth the money to order a stack of pancakes instead, as there was a 50% discount for all stacks.

The Druggie is a combination of three chocolate pancakes drizzled with chocolate sauce, strawberries and a scoop of chocolate ice cream, which we substituted for vanilla. The pancakes tasted all right- good, but not as good as their original counterparts. The strawberries were sour and the sour taste could, unfortunately, not be masked by the chocolate sauce. The vanilla ice cream was good, and I spotted little black specks on the ice cream! This hinted that the ice cream was not your usual vanilla ice cream mass produced in tubs and sold in supermarkets. Overall, it was not as fantastic as expected.

  Having shared 9 pieces of pancake amongst four people, we were feeling pretty full, but not to the point of feeling "gelat". The total bill was $45+ due to GST and service charge. The service was good so the service charge was well justified. The ambience was great too! It had a really cosy feel to it. Maybe this was because it wasn't very crowded when we visited.

  If I ever went back to Strictly Pancakes, I would stick with the Garlic Butter Prawn or maybe just a customized pancake stack. As I see it, the main attraction is the pancakes and the "toppings" are but expensive decorations to the lovely cakes. That being said, having tried Strictly Pancakes' pancakes, I highly doubt I would ever eat McDonald's Hotcakes again.

Strictly Pancakes

81 Upper East Coast Rd
Singapore 455220Tel: 6448 7332

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