Monday, November 26, 2012

Kuishin-Bo Japanese Buffet (Jurong Point)

Went to this Japanese restaurant called Kuishin Bo at Jurong Point earlier for their 60-minutes lunch buffet. Adult price was $21.90 while children below 1.4m was $16.90. Shortness has it's advantages!

I've eaten at this restaurant once before, but that was years ago and I was really excited to dig in! The deal was that you could eat all you wanted for an hour in order to enjoy the discounted rate. Fine by me!

I started with the sushi first... I took the egg sushi (I'm sorry I'm terrible at Japanese names), the fish roe sushi and the California maki. They were delicious, but one serving was enough. After all, you can find them at any Sakae Sushi outlet or even Cold Storage! Moved on to the sushi that had chicken floss sprinkled on top. I wasn't sure what was rolled inside the rice but it tasted like heaven. After the hour, I think I had around 10 of these little devils! The oyster (?) sushi and the teriyaki fish ones were not fantastic though.

In that short 60 minutes, I also became a sashimi non-virgin (awkward sentence structure oops)!!! With great trepidation and apprehension, I stuffed the piece of raw salmon into my mouth and felt the squirm of something soft inside my oral cavity. I could not tell apart my tongue from the sashimi. Haha, it wasn't that traumatizing but I guess sashimi is an acquired taste and I have yet to acquire that appreciation for raw fish. For now, I would stick with my salmon cooked, thank you.

The buffet also boasted a soup station that served soup in a paper fan-like bowl over a burning flame. It reminded me of a cross between hot pot dishes and a filtration set-up. We had the vegetable soup as well as the beef soup. The soup for both broths tasted excellent. It was clear and tasty. The vegetables were good, but they were, after all, but mere vegetables. The beef, on the other hand, really sealed the deal. The beef was cut into thin slices but this was a buffet, so quantity was not an issue. The beef was just really good, I have no idea how to put that wondrous taste into words! I guessed that a lot of the success of the beef had to do with it's thin slices, which is associated with high quality meats.

I skipped the international dishes like grilled chicken and fried fish fillets. After all, this is a Japanese buffet, for goodness' sake! Not to forget the clock ticking the seconds away...

The teppanyaki station was next. There was a choice of beef, chicken, fish and mixed vegetables. I opted for the beef and chicken. The beef took 10 minutes. I guess it's a popular choice! The chicken was average. Perhaps it tasted a little "meh" as the cook gave me the dish that was meant for another customer who had yet to collect his chicken. The beef was delicious. The beef cubes were rolling in black pepper sauce and burst into succulent juiciness on the first bite. Is it so surprising that I went back for seconds? ;-)

Next was the deep fried foods station. The chicken katsu was nothing to shout about. I didn't expect much out of it anyway. The takoyaki, on the other hand, was the subject of much praise. I see many people eating takoyaki from the snack chain Wow Tako and I've never tried it before, so I took a ball of takoyaki out of curiousity. One bite was all it took. The flour-y filling exploded into my mouth but was not in excess. The squid was chewy and in generous portions. I took another takoyaki ball and dunked it in the chocolate fountain and that was the best takoyaki I ever tasted (that probably doesn't count for much but still!!!)

Clockwise direction: Fondue-d marshmallow, fondue-d grapes, dorayaki, lemon meringue tart, peach tart, cranberry mini cake, strawberry mochi, double chocolate chip cookie, lemon cake

The desserts were nothing to shout about.

The dorayaki was not as good as others I tasted before, the mochi had more glutinous rice than filling and the cakes tasted largely the same, despite their "lemon raspberry", "lime cheesecake" and chocolate varieties.

The chocolate fountain only offered marshmallows, grapes and green apples for dipping. Despite the poor selection of dipping items, the chocolate tasted great and it was of the warmer kind, meaning that it hardened upon dipping. Lovely.

My favourite dessert would have to be the almond cookies (or biscuits, as some might call them) and the cranberry mini cakes. The cookies are crisp and burst with flavor while the cranberry cakes are just superb. The cranberry filling, though little, was delightful and the cake bore the cranberry flavour as well.

60 minutes passed really quickly and it was a bittersweet parting for us. (Me and the buffet, of course)

Overall, the food was good and I would recommend focusing on the Japanese dishes and not waste your time on the desserts and international food items. It was crowded as it was lunchtime when we visited so the ambience was compromised, but no complaints! The price is rather expensive but it is worth it as the quality of food is good and it can be both lunch and dinner. I was glad that we had the 60 minute limit as it helped me to control my gluttony which threatened to rear its ugly head at any point, and also helped to lessen the "gelat" feelings afterward.

I doubt I will visit the restaurant again in the foreseeable future but I do recommend Japanese food-lovers to check this place out! They have outlets in Jurong Point and Suntec City.

P.s. Apologies for the poor quality photos. After all, how can one waste time photographing food when it could be spent devouring it?! ;-)

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