Friday, December 07, 2012

Hello, Singapore

Touched down in Singapore from Thailand last night at 10.45pm and was so dead tired I fell asleep in the taxi home

Went for a morning run with Genevieve at Bishan Park and then we ate breakfast together with my dad and then we visited my grandparents to give them the rice and noodles and mangoes we bought from Thailand and then went to the library to renew my library books and headed home to bathe and went out again to meet Genevieve at Orchard to shop where we bought clothes and then had a wonderful lunch at Marche after which I went back for piano lesson and then Busybees and thus concludes my punctuation-less long ramble of a lousy post which I will make up for with a super detailed one about the best thing that's ever happened to me this holiday which is the mission trip to Yun Hua village (what else) ok yes I miss all the kids in the village but it's time to go for Busybees yes I'm back in Friday class with K and E and G and oh gosh I shudder to even think about the rest ok goodbai.

(Yes that was the only punctuation mark in this entire post except for maybe these little brackets)

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