Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hansel and Gretel

Went to the Drama Centre at the National Library to watch Hansel and Gretel (by Wild Rice!) with Genevieve, Hui Shun and my family.

Personally, I felt that the play was more focused on making the audience laugh and have a good time than on developing an interesting storyline. That being said, the interaction between cast and audience was good! The chiffon cake, lurch lapis and other Kurds and cookies from the Chef's house were edible (sponsored by Bengawan Solo) and the actors (Hansel and Gretel) gave them out to the audience during the show! It was quite an original idea which suited the story very well. During the intermission, there were also Bengawan Solo goodies given out on huge trays. Thank God we were down fairly early and got to eat every item before the crowds came (hehe pig alert!)

By the time the play ended and we got our programmer booklet signed and photos taken, we were all tired. Sebastian Tan was visibly tired/bored during the "Meet-and-Greet" session haha. Oh well, it's quite understandable since they have been putting up the same performance for quite some time now. The last show is on the 15th of December so do catch it while it's still on!

In other news, I tried the toffee nut latte (or is it frappucino) from Starbucks today and I l o v e d it. Haha it's quite a rare thing for me to say that I love a sugar-y fattening concoction but there you have it. It's that good. I don't see myself buying Starbucks drinks that frequently though. I only relented a little today since there was a 1-for-1 promotion and I shared it with three other people!

I look terrible here.

Huge kueh bahalu yummerz

P.s. There was this cute little girl dressed in the St. Margaret's uniform in the first song item hehe #stmargsissofly #schoolpride #yolo

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