Saturday, December 15, 2012


I'm so depressed, I've been eating like a pig this past week. All the fattening, sugary foods just seem to find their way down to my tummy, and my exercise plans are constantly being ruined by the weather! Just today, after five seconds in the swimming pool, the lightning siren began wailing, forcing me to skip my Saturday swim.

At small group today, we had a Christmas dinner, complete with turkey, ham and mashed potatoes, as well as a matcha birthday cake as a surprise for me (thank you so much everyone!!! :'-)) As grateful as I am for the delicious food, I can't help but think of the fats piling up. Even my grandparents brought durian over and I ended up downing nine seeds!

This gluttony has got to stop.

I've resolved to exercising in the mornings since it hardly ever rains then, as well as to eat healthily for the rest of the year! Yes, this includes my birthday and Christmas luncheon with the extended family. Only fruits and vegetables and lean meats for me!

Nothing tastes as good as skinny.

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