Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Debrief from 雲華村

Last night, we had a sort of debrief session in church from the mission trip. During previous years, the debriefing was held in Chiang Mai, but this year, uncle (or Brother? Haha) Frank left early so we couldn't hold the debrief. However, Brother (or uncle? Haha) You Fa wasn't present last night. Oh well!

Having everyone together again felt quite awkward at first (maybe it was just me) but soon we warmed up to each other (maybe it was just me again hahaha) and the atmosphere was just like that of our stay in 雲華村- fun and lively! Talking about the kids there, as well as the Pastor and his family, made me feel a sense of loss. I don't know if this is weird, I mean, we were only there for seven or eight days! Is it possible to grow so attached within such a short period of time? All the same, I felt very sad for them, as well as a sort of envy of their simple lifestyle. Sad is because of the lack of a role-model for them to follow, thus the waning motivation to stick to the "right" path, which is to seek God and stray from temptation. We heard some rather unfortunate stories (true stories) that further amplified these feelings.

On a lighter note, we celebrated the December babies' birthdays with cake! Denise's birthday was on the 16th, Brother/uncle Frank on the 20th, mine on the 23rd and Genevieve's on the 24th of December! What a nice sequence of birth dates! My parents and Xiang Zhi and Hui Shun bought cake to share with everyone. That was really sweet of them and I felt really grateful that they took the trouble to do all this for us! :'-) there was blackforest cake as well as Oreo cheesecake. I tried a little bit of both and resisted the temptation to have a second slice! It was rather sweet but well, cakes are supposed to be sweet.

Also, we decided on the items we would present on Sharing Sunday (30/12). G4God, my dad, mother, brother and one of the pastors (PV or PB) would share our reflections, there would be a short skit and video montage and lastly, singing! Singing was a huge part of my mission trip experience, I'm not sure about the others, so how can we miss that out? ;-) I'm quite excited to share our experiences and it will also be our final "project" as a group! I really feel glad that we have come together from different walks of life to form a well-oiled machine as we can work together effectively and the chemistry between us is good, despite the age gaps!

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