Friday, December 21, 2012

Cycling and getting lost

Went to East Coast Park with Regi and Mikyeong today! Regi and I met earlier to cycle since Mikyeong didn't know how to! Cycled for an hour and forty five minutes, from the bicycle rental station all the way past Changi Beach Park and back! My butt was crazy aching by then but surprisingly, my legs were fine hahaha. It was all good exercise. :-)

Mikyeong got lost in the middle of some road and hitchhiked to East Coast Park from this father-son pair, haha thankfully they weren't crazed kidnappers or anything! After all, it's terribly dangerous to hitchhike. Especially in Singapore (if you even meet a nice driver who's willing to give you a ride!) Anyway, Mikyeong got lost in East Coast Park so Regi and I walked to find her and we spent close to an hour walking in the hot sun! After finally meeting her, we stopped for lunch at the food center. I had popiah and was so tempted to buy more food but NO must resist! Especially since hawker center food is grossly oily (think carrot cake, fried kway teow, hokkien mee...)!

After lunch, we ended up taking photos by the beach and just having lots of crazy shameless fun hahaha! The Caucasians were generally friendlier when asked to help us take photos and things like that. This Australian dude was like "Shake the polaroid, shake it shake it" or something after helping us take an instax. He totally looked like a surfer dude so c00l!!!

Got a photo with this really cute boy!!! Hahahaha

And also with this VS dude whose friend ran out of the frame in the last minute HAHA
I am sorry we freaked you out.

Well, at least this guy was more open to taking a photo with random strangers

After taking photos, we walked to the bus stop (which I swear was 128472787832 miles away) and collapsed in the bus and took an hour to get home. I probably will never ever ever go to East Coast Park on my own (like without parents and the lovely car) again, it's too torturous HAHAHA.

Despite the soreness and tiredness, I enjoyed myself today and it was lovely to get out of Twitter and all the "Oh no the world's ending!" crap like hello THE WORLD ISN'T GOING TO END TODAY but it would be funny if it ended tomorrow. Which is when we will be performing at Takashimaya at 6.30pm and I'm going to emcee with Regi oooh eggcitez!

So if you're free, do drop by Takashimaya tomorrow evening at 6.30pm to listen to St. Margaret's Symphonic Band play your favourite Christmas tunes, as well as other pop songs from different genres! It will be quite an entertaining repertoire and also our first time performing with Mr Alvin Seville. :-)

Ok advertisement over goodnight aliens 

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