Saturday, December 22, 2012

Takashimaya performance

Today, the St. Margaret's Symphonic Band performed at the tentage right outside Ngee Ann City (better known as Takashimaya) as part of the mall's Christmas celebratory programs.

During the sound-check, we sounded terrible and the lack of interest and support from the passers-by really broke our morale, not to mention the disappointed and frustrated faces of our conductors. Spirits were low and everyone was in a bad mood.

We broke off for dinner and were given an hour to buy some food to eat to fuel us through the next few hours. The food hall at the basement of Takashimaya was where most of us made a beeline to. Many girls bought the gelato and I tried some from my friends and it really tasted pretty good! I was tempted to buy the yakitori from Tori-Q, which I have heard much about, but looking at the way they lathered oil over the meat turned me off. In the end, I survived with a cup of pineapples and grapes, all for $3.50! Haha, the fruits tasted really sweet too, so I felt quite satisfied! :-)

For the actual performance, we didn't play particularly well, but not as horrendous as the rehearsal's. Fortunately, the majority of our audience were not the kind to really critique such performances as they themselves were none the wiser. Denise, Hui Shun, Genevieve and my family all came down to support me and I felt really touched! Regi also specially came down to be the emcee with me. Felt so much love. ^_^

The order of the performance was changed - Concert Band would perform first, so the emcee-ing order would have changed too. It was literally last minute and I totally panicked, and ended up introducing the band rather terribly. I felt my glasses sliding off as my whole face was sweaty and oily (bear with me here) and gross and yeah I just wanted to get the whole thing over with. The official emcee for the whole program was really nice and shouted "Jia you!" as I walked up the stage, and was very supportive towards us! Afterward, my dad said my diction was very good but the general enthusiasm wasn't there. Ah well, this is but a learning opportunity!

By the time we lugged our instruments and the percussion instruments up the bus and back to the band room, we were all dead beat. However, we still had to polish our instruments as this would be the last band practice for the year! Most of us signed out our instruments to practice at home (we were practically forced to) but I guess it's a good thing to have the resources so that I can practice any time I feel like it.

I'm just so tired. It doesn't even feel as though my birthday is tomorrow. Part of me doesn't want tomorrow to come so quickly, as I have a feeling that I would "waste" the day away.

On a lighter note, Kimberly and Chloe sang me a birthday song in the band room after polishing their instruments and I was quite touched! Hehe I have the nicest section ever!

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