Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

This is rather a late post...ok not really, it's only been a day, but it feels like Christmas was many weeks ago! This year's Christmas was rather low-key, just spent the morning preparing for the family (extended) Christmas luncheon and the afternoon working off the meal (brisk walking, but still). This year, I wasn't as hyped for Christmas as most of my other friends were, I have no idea why. Perhaps it's because I found out that Christmas (25 December) isn't exactly Jesus's birthdate. My whole life has been a lie. :-( I was quite proud to have been born near the same time (a few millenniums apart but who's counting) as Jesus but now that I realize He was actually born some time around late September to October......well, Christmas just lost its meaning! Maybe next year's Christmas would be better! :-)

The family Christmas luncheon was supposed to start at 12 noon exactly, and we were the first to arrive, at 11.50am. We spent nearly an hour setting up the tables and cutting the meat (yes, we brought the whole turkey, pork knuckle and butcher knives along) and all the while I was afraid that people were going to come in at any moment. However, the rest of the family only started streaming in at around 2pm, and our reservation for the Function Room ended at 3pm as there was another party waiting to use it. To say that I was annoyed would be an understatement. Oh well, it's Christmas after all, and it isn't like they meant to be late..."forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us" and all that, right? Haha, it's better to just forgive and forget.

Went home to open the presents and I wasn't exactly thrilled or anything, just felt largely indifferent. Lol I think I'm growing up! That's a bittersweet thing hehe. Went to the stadium, as mentioned, to "exercise" the food away, not that I ate very much but still. Dinner was leftover meat from the Christmas luncheon and we went to Balestier for supper! I was craving orni (yam paste) but it's very hard to find in Singapore, especially if you're going after those of good quality! Was hoping to find it at a dessert stall along Balestier, recommended by my mother but was disappointed. We had their famed Herbal Jelly, mango sago, sesame paste and beancurd with barley and ginko nuts though. The Herbal Jelly, though pricey ($6.50 for the original flavour, $13 for their "Pearl" flavour) was really good!!! After drizzling honey syrup over it, the bitter herbal taste was easier to ignore. After dessert, we went for dim sum along Upper Thomson Road, haha! We're a family of pigs! :-P The dim sum "restaurant" had a very old-school look to it, what with the old signboards and minimalist interior (no, seriously, it was almost bare except for the spartan tables and chairs). It was one of those places where you know serves authentic Hong Kong dim sum. We had the char siew soh, siew mai, har gao, glutinous rice and some pig trotter rib thingamajig. The dim sum was really good, the meat tasted genuine. You know, not the kind that you can tell has come from a frozen pack of meat but is REAL MEAT, if you get what I mean. It was $2.20 a plate, no matter what you ordered. I don't know if it's considered expensive or not but we spent $26 on supper altogether haha and that's a little steep if you ask me!

All in all, I love spending time, especially festive holidays like Christmas, with my family because I know they will never, unlike friends, leave me and will love me for who I am! It's not weird or introverted to not want to celebrate Christmas with friends and parties and all, it's just that I'd rather spend time with family, that's all. :-)

Oh yeah, and Christmas service on Christmas Eve was good! The performances by the various choirs were quite nice to listen to (except for the kids lol they were terrible but ok no hate, I guess it's quite understandable?) and we had candlelight thingamajig while singing Silent Night!!! That was super cool yay I love the whole Christmas-y celebrations!!! Also, I'm thinking about joining the youth fellowship regularly come 2013, especially since it'd be a very hectic and stressful year and I would be better off with a spiritual kind of support from a group of like-minded (as in Christian youths) people! I always felt that I wasn't being active in church and maybe here's my chance to get to know more church people and make more friends! I realize that I have very few Christian friends so maybe getting to know more people from church will...well let's just say it'd be for the better. :-)

I can't wait for 2013 to come!

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