Thursday, December 27, 2012


School is starting in less than a week's time and I really ought to be "consolidating my work" (quote) and revising and all that but I just feel so bleh. I want to really take this few days I have left to kick back and relax, but the kiasu Singaporean in me nags me to start doing revision proper. Nowadays my life revolves around eating and sleeping, yes, it's that bad (or good...).

Been craving for some dim sum lately (think egg tarts, char siew soh, custard buns!!!) as well as yam paste, so I'm pretty excited to go to Swee Choon Restaurant later for dinner. It's such a pity that they only operate from 6pm till 6am because I would love to have dim sum high tea or lunch instead, but oh well! I've heard many rave reviews about this place so hopefully I'll have something good to write about later! :-)

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