Saturday, December 29, 2012

All for God

Today we went for the run-through for Sharing Sunday, meaning to say that all the people who were supposed to share their reflections and takeaways from the trip were timed how long they took to say everything and pretty soon, it was close to 9pm already! My dad encouraged me to skip Busy Bees (tuition) because of this lol.

We decided (ok actually my family would be going even if no one else wanted to) to head down to Swee Choon for supper! We actually prepared our tummies in advance for this by having lunch at 3pm hehehe.

Everyone (well everyone who was present, that is) was enthusiastic about it and so we headed down to Swee Choon in four cars. Haha, it was pretty funny how we'd communicate via WhatsApp, saying things like "Car 4 has left" or "Car 3 cut Car 2!" and things like that hahaha it felt like a James Bond movie!!!

Anyhoo, when we got there there was a short queue, but we somehow were given a seat in the restaurant immediately! Denise has been there many times so we left her to go crazy on the ordering of food and pretty soon, the food came and we devoured it hungrily.

After everyone was full and satisfied, there was still quite a bit of food left so we just shared it and finished everything yay! The total bill came up to about $120+ and Elder Ong gave all of us a treat, haha thanks 长老!!! Let me break down the bill for you...

  1. Portuguese egg tarts (12)
  2. Har gao (20)
  3. Xiao long bao (4)
  4. Char siew soh (6)
  5. Salted egg yolk custard bun (9)
  6. Spring rolls (2)
  7. Carrot cake (4)
  8. Century egg porridge (2)
  9. Lor mai kai (3)
  10. Siew mai (4)
  11. Shrimps in fried beancurd skin (6)
  12. Char siew bun (6)
  13. Soya beancurd (1)
  14. Soya bean drink (1)
  15. Grass jelly (1)
  16. Chrysanthemum tea (2)
  17. Mango pomelo sago (1)
This is not all!!! I can't really remember the rest, so you can see what we ordered from the receipt (sort of) below! Haha, all in all, for eleven people, it isn't quite that big a bomb! Starting to feel a little sick of dim sum already though........................oopsy daisies.

This time round though, I must say the har gao is, though overpriced, really good! The shrimp inside is big and juicy, despite the sickly-looking skin sticking onto the metal dish. The carrot cake is also sumptuous, though a bit too oily for my preference. Also, the custard bun exploded in my hands this time round! It was super hot, like real molten lava! What a pity.

Photos are taken with my Canon DSLR this time round. I'm not too sure about what model it is but I think it's the 600D.

Spoilt for choice.

The prowess of eleven hungry Singaporeans!


After!!!!! Dropped the bun immediately after the hot custard oozed onto my fingers!

Odd-looking spoon arrangement on the unsuspecting beancurd.

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