Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hello, 2013

Another year has gone by just like that, in a blink (or two) of the eye. 2012 has been a rather turbulent year, a really different year for me. It's the year I finally got consistent good results, the year I started being super anti-social (at the sacrifice of aforementioned results) and many other things! For the sake of it, I shall write down the highlights of 2012! It's always fun hehehe.

1. MTDC Graduation Concert (14/01)
I really missed MTDC the few months after we graduated. It was because of MTDC that I got to really bond with Sang Ah, Naasyidah and Ze Hui! If not for them, band and school just wouldn't be the same! Also, I got to meet people like Yan Shen and Wai Siang and (ahem) Aloysius who are really great friends and fun to play with! Sadly, I kind of grew apart from them after MTDC. There was a period of time when Wai Siang and I were relatively close (not going to be thick-skinned here ahahah) and yeah I really miss all of them, even now! It's also quite different between the four SMSS girls without MTDC because well...it's just different so boo hoo. :'-( My MTDC section, even though we aren't that bonded as a section, I became really comfortable with Sin Ching! Haha like I'm really sure if we could have had more time together, we would go really crazy and hence our section will be super cray cray! Hahaha aw man just thinking about the camps before concerts and stuff really makes me tear up. MTDC definitely had a big part to play in my Sec 2/3 years (mostly Sec 2 but oh well)

2. Polka! VI (30/03)
The most memorable thing about Polka! strangely enough, wasn't really about the band and all that. I was more excited about my MTDC friends coming to watch us hahaha! I was so touched when they shouted my name lol touched and proud :'-) HAHAHA ok being reaaaally thick-skinned here but honestly, who wouldn't be? I just luv them all so much ^_^

3. Blessed to be a Blessing (14/07)
I hated the rehearsals and practices and honestly, some times I even wished that we wouldn't have to perform for the musical but it was through these (ahem) "common practices" (lol I really need to start reading up on SS) that BBB was formed!!! Haha ok maybe formed isn't the right word, but you get my drift! I got to know Sandra and Celestine better after the musical and yay for that, because if not we wouldn't have had all the fun/crazy outings we had!!! I also got to know my juniors more after the endless lunches and dinners together! Also, after the musical, after hearing praises and huge compliments about the production, I felt this swelling sense of pride in me. I guess it just feels good to be a part of something successful!

4. Mission trip to 雲華村
What can I say...............this has got to be the best thing that's happened to me this year!!! Making friends with the Thai kids, the mission groupies, especially the G4God girls as well as improving family relationships and most importantly, my relationship with God! I love love LOVED the 8 days or so spent there and it is something I would never forget for a long while or even, if I dare say, for the rest of my life. Meeting the kids and villagers there made me humble myself and really go back to the very essence of what makes us human: the ability to love and care for one another. Also, seeing the other mission groupies living a life pleasing to God has motivated me to become a better Christian and to start living a God-centered life! I would definitely want to go back to the village next year, and in the meantime, I will be praying for the villagers there.

So I guess that sums up the highlights of my year! I know, I am such a bore. Well, that's the price to pay for good results I guess. Honestly, I don't know if it's worth it.

This coming year, 2013, I have made certain resolutions and I really hope I will stick to them! I shan't reveal it here but maybe at the end of the year I'll write then down and share if I have achieved them! Okay this is terrible sentence structure but hey, school is starting soon!

My 'O' Levels are this year and I'm really afraid. Not just afraid, but petrified. I really need to rely on God and I believe we can make it through together!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehe

School starts tomorrow...I can't wait to sink back into the routine of school>homework>study>dinner>study>sleep. It's actually quite comforting to be able to conform to such a routine, to have order in my life. :-)

Here's to a great 2013!

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