Wednesday, January 02, 2013

First day of school blues

I survived the first day of school!!! We had Adam Khoo camp, which was pretty fun. I went for their P6 Study Skills camp in P6 (well, duh) and what they did today was a little of a re-cap of what they did then. I love love love Adam Khoo camps and stuff because the trainers are so funny and effective at the same time! I remember I enjoyed the camp in P6 so much I signed up for the math tuition at Adam Khoo Learning Center and scored my A*s while having two hours of laughter every week. ^_^ Good times, good times.

I'm pretty psyched about starting the school term! Mrs Rethinam is our co-form teacher, thank God for that! Ms Chang said she would do the seating arrangements...I really don't want to sit at the back! Sometimes being tall has its disadvantages as well. :'-( I went to school early to get seats in the second row beside Hansol and now...sigh pie life just isn't fair.

As I was saying...STUDY MODE TOTEZ ON

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