Thursday, January 03, 2013

Day 2 of the school year

Day Two of school and so far, so good! Well technically, we're still in Week 0 so... We got the (compulsory) student handbooks today and it's so cute! Almost like something you would get from the likes of Kikki.K or Artbox! Good job St. Marg's, a year when your handbook is finally decent enough not to be chucked into the deep abyss of unwanted junk.

Last day of camp is tomorrow and I can't wait for proper lessons to start! It'll be fun to continue on my slave-driver mode and all but I'm afraid others will catch up with me, haha. It's okay, because I'M A GENIUS AND I WILL DO WELL!!! Psyching myself to be confident now! Hahahaha ok time to do some math!

I have decided to totally give up my social life this year. Yes, it may not be the healthiest way to do things but I guess it works for me. Of course, that isn't to say that I'll be a total loner girl and stone by myself everyday but more of not going out with friends WHILE MAINTAINING THAT FRIENDSHIP. Good idea? No? Only time will tell!

P.s. Hi Sin Ching!!! ^_^

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