Friday, January 04, 2013

AKLC Camp 2013

Today was the closing ceremony (can we even call it that?) for the Adam Khoo camp and it was rather emotional for some of us. We were invited to give a short speech up on stage, in front of the parents and the Sec 4E/5Ns to declare our goals to everyone so we will be held accountable for them, as well as to share a little on what we have learnt from the three day course.

I was planning to go up on stage but I didn't really want to be the first because well, I was scared. However, nobody dares to go up first so when the opportunity comes...grab it! Haha! After a few people went up, lots of people wanted to share on stage but were unable to. ;-)

Anyway, I was kind of nervous and basically, I made it public that I wanted to be among the top three scorers in the O-Level examinations. To be the top will be my real goal but for the sake of not being too thick-skinned...hehe. I also took the opportunity to thank my teachers and parents for their constant support and guidance throughout the years! I have no regrets going up on stage to share. Perhaps the only regret would be not sharing about more things, haha!

What I really wanted to post was a few things that my friends had said to me that really encouraged and motivated me. Clare said two things that really left a mark on me. 1. "You're (pretty) photogenic!" and 2. "I can definitely see you as the too student." For number one, coming from Clare, it's really quite huge! Hahaha ok maybe not huuuge and it's not as if I have self-image issues but it's just nice to be complimented like that, to know that other people other than yourself can see your true ~beauty~. ;-) HAHAHA do I make sense or do I just sound whacked. Also, Gaby also said that she believed I could definitely be in the too three, haha and she is quite a good student as well so whoopee! Not that I need confirmation from others or anything, but it's just nice to be reminded that you have people who believe in you. To be honest, I was kind of on the edge of doubting my own abilities after not touching my books for quite some time, so these words of faith really works wonders. Lastly, Naasyidah, Jamie and Joanne also came up to me to tell me things like "I'm proud of you" and "Good job" and things like that. These simple words of encouragement really touched me, so I just want to thank all of my wonderful friends here!!! :'-)

During the training session, we were asked to map out our "life plan", which is to say our life after secondary school. I kind of found out quite a lot about my chosen career (law) path and got a clearer idea of how my life would pan out (ideally haha). I'm quite motivated now to do well, and I know that this motivation is here to stay!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

On a fattier (heavier?) note, went out for ice cream (apparently sugar-free) at SugaLite with Genevieve and the family after stuffin myself silly with the tuna croissants the school had ordered as refreshments for the parents! The tuna croissants were so good, and there were so many left over!!! Being the weakling I was, I succumbed to the temptation...sigh. Mrs Yip even offered me a takeaway box to bring some home! Haha I love love love food but...height and weight is going to be taken soon so it's probably not the best idea to go on a binging spree right now huh.

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