Thursday, January 10, 2013

O-Lvl results 2012

So, today our seniors received their O-Level results. The graduating classes were allowed to be present in the hall to watch the whole proceedings of the distribution of the results and to be honest, I was rather disappointed. Even with all the parents in the hall, the air-conditioning was not switched on so the whole hall was rather stuffy and just...ugh. Secondly, the whole thing took about twelve minutes! I was expecting an encouraging speech or something along those lines by the principal. From what I've heard from my friends in other schools, the collection of results was extremely intense and nerve-wrecking, even the present seniors felt the stress! This is the exact opposite of what happened in St. Marg's.

I suppose the whole cohort didn't perform as well, as most of the seniors were either crying or looking extremely disappointed. That really motivated me to work hard to do really well for my O-Levels! Motivation by fear is as powerful as any other form of motivation!

Here's to straight 'A1's!

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