Friday, January 11, 2013

CCA Fair 2013

Today was so tiring but so fulfilling! Yes, it's that time of the year again. The day when Secondary 1s will feel like the most important and treasured people on Earth!

This year, we were only going to perform one song once, in the hall along with all the other performing arts groups and Rhythmic Gymnastics girls. I think it's a good strategy because during previous CCA Fairs, by the time the band got to perform a second time at the parade square, the Sec 1s were being pulled away towards the other booths around the canteen and by setting up chairs/packing up stands etc. before and after the mini performance, we wasted a lot of time and hence were unable to recruit as many girls as we would have liked to have.

This year, with the extra time and astounding performance (if I may say so myself) in the hall under the baton of Mr Alvin (whose highlighted hair caused some excitement among some Sec 1s haha), and the percussion (hint, drum set) instruments being played in the canteen, we recruited a grand total of 219 recruits!!! That is more than double of our targeted 80, and waaaaaaaaay above our previous year's mark of 40! As I approached juniors and persuaded them to join our St. Marg's Band family, one of them told me, "Band has so many sign-ups already, it's not fair to the other CCAs so I shouldn't join band!!!" W-o-w. This would be the first time I heard something like that. Anyway, other than the obvious fact that we needed Sec 1s to replace the many graduating seniors this year, I think most of our band members were motivated to lure the juniors because of a competition we were having. The section with the highest percentage of recruits would win a hamper! I tried to bring in many Sec 1s but no one could beat Masturah, lol. She literally grabbed 'em by the bunch and brought them to the sign-up booth! However, even though I don't think my section is going to win the hamper, I really had fun during CCA Fair!

As with all my past experiences with CCA Fair, there was a teensy bit of drama between CCAs. 

Some time towards the later half of the Fair, one of the CCA leaders from another CCA came over to our band booth and shouted "Wijono! Wijono! Na-ta-ly Wi-jo-no! Your people are stealing my Sec 1s! You all are cheating!!!" or words to that effect.

I remember being right in front (or under, since she's really tall) of her and seeing her red lips smack open and shut as she hurled her accusations with jealousy painted all over her face. Seriously? You are already a senior and you still act like this? Have you no self-control? Also, all's fair in CCA Fair, that, you of all people, should know by now. I'm not going to explicitly say anything but this CCA has quite a bit of history with the band... At least our band members do not badmouth other CCAs, that we all know for sure. We're the better men (or girls, women, whatever you wish to be called).

Despite all the tiredness and really bad traffic jam I got stuck in on the journey home, this has got to be the best CCA Fair I've had! And it'll be my last too...

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