Saturday, January 12, 2013

Raffles Open House 2013

Found out that my section won the most number (by percentage lol or we'd never win) of recruits for CCA Fair! Yay but I left early so I didn't get to bask in the glory though, HAHAHA.

Band was rather interesting today. We got a great morale boost from the huge intake of Sec Ones we had yesterday and spirits were high throughout the practice, even during drills when we ran around touching lamp posts, flag posts, and what-have-you poles. Tutoring was surprisingly fun as well! I like combined tutoring as compared to individual haha but well what's good for you may not be enjoyable!

Went to see D'Leedon's showflats after band with the dad and grandparents since we bought a unit there! I'm quite excited to design and decorate the new house, which will be within walking distance to the Crown Plaza/Coronation Plaza area and with shuttle bus service to Ion/town! There'll even be restaurants and retail shopping areas in the condominium #wow. I'm quite glad that we're only able to move in come 2015 because that'll give me the time to really make use of my current home, which is lovely in all aspects (hint FOOD).

After that, we went to the Open House event at Raffles Junior College, or Raffles Institution as it is now called. I am truly impressed by what I saw that. No, not just the buildings and facilities, but also the students! They were really friendly and informative and weren't immature, unlike most people in my current...environment. I guess you can say that that comes with age, but really, it's only about a year or two's difference! After ~soaking in~ the Rafflesian spirit, I must say that the only thing in my way will be the DSA audition as I can never get 3 points for O-Levels.

I had no time to eat the entire day and so after swimming at the club, I weighed myself and I hit a new low of 50kg!!! That kind of made my day but tempted me to eat a lot more during dinner hahahaha. We had dinner and my grandparent's place; home cooked food!!! My grandmother is an amazing cook and she cooked this special kind of fried rice (totally unlike the tze-char kind) with frog legs, abalone, vegetable with fish and prawns as well as a chicken soup! I haven't eaten home cooked food in eons so this was definitely a feast for my taste buds! Love love love.

I'm really starting to feel the O-Level stress, as well as for the SYF competition coming up. That'll be essential in deciding if I will ever become a Rafflesian. My parents and uncle were all from Raffles so well, all I can say is that the expectation may be subtle, but it's still there.

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