Friday, January 18, 2013

Hanging by a thread

T.G.I.F.! This week has been crazy. We've had tests, I'm not even kidding. Monday was English, Tuesday E. Math, Wednesday Physics, Thursday Biology and Friday (today) was Chemistry!!! And band was a lot more tiring because I was involved in the Sec 1 auditions, so I basically had to teach about a hundred different girls how to have the correct embouchure, sitting position, etc. and tolerate a lot of bocal-slobber, don't even get me started.

As I was saying, I'm just really glad that this really hectic week has come to an end! It wasn't all bad though. Call me a nerd, but the highlight of the week had to be getting the full marks for the A. Math test the previous week! Only Hansol and myself got full marks, yay! Haha I don't want to get complacent though, after all, the test was really easy and no I'm not just saying that because I did well!

Also, I "met" Cheryl on Thursday while on the way home and boy, do I really miss her! It was pretty rushed so yeah nothing really deep (yet) but it is always nice to see an old (best) friend whom you can relate to and everything. :'-)

Well, as I'm writing this, I have the English essay waiting to be typed, at 10.16pm when I have to get up early for another day of band tomorrow. I am so exhausted. Ten more months and it will Ten more months...

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