Sunday, January 20, 2013

Relaxing weekend

Spent this weekends rather lazily...just the way they are meant to be. As it was raining practically the entire day on Saturday, my swimming plans were disrupted. Besides, by the time band ended, it was already about 2pm, so the family decided to go out for a lazy lunch/dinner and chill out at a nice cosy café.

We went to Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice restaurant at Novena, since it was unlikely to be crowded at that time of the day (3pm?). It's also the restaurant that was featured in The Sunday Times last week! I'm not exactly a big fan of chicken rice so I opted for the kway teow with steamed white chicken, while my family shared half a soy-sauce chicken and chicken rice.

The kway teow was so good! Then again, noodles are all the same, it's the gravy-like sauce that makes a difference. The amount of sauce was just right, smothering the noodles without drenching it. However, the white chicken was a little too tough for my liking. Thankfully, my brother said he preferred the white chicken so we had a mutual swap! The soy-sauce chicken is asdfghjkl-indescribable. The texture of the chicken is so smooth and the sauce is just kind-blowing.

We also shared a bowl of dumpling soup, which had nine humongous dumplings bursting with shrimps and pork. It was like tasting paradise.

The whole meal at the restaurant cost is only around $20! We ordered an extra bowl of chicken rice, so it's actually really inexpensive! For people looking for good food but on a budget, Wee Nam Kee is definitely the place to go to. I look forward to my next visit!

After lunch, we were all feeling a little stuffed but there was much time to kill, so we headed down to VeloCity and parked our little bums in a cosy booth at nydc (New York Dessert Café) where we shared a cake and a drink. We ordered the High and Mighty, which is a 24-layer chocolate sponge cake with a dark chocolate ganache! It was so delightfully sinful. We also ordered the Nutty Hazelnut shake (I can't really remember the elaborate name) which was ice-cream blended into a drink. It tasted really good and reminded me of Nutella, except it was almost white!

We spent close to two hours there just chilling (me doing Chinese sigh) and enjoying one another's company! I love spending family time in a restaurant, as it combines my two favourite things together: food and family! The bill came up to be $20 including GST and service charge. Rather pricey but well, it's a once-in-a-blue-moon treat. :-)

Today, (Sunday) after collecting my Edusave Scholarship, we went for gelato at Alfero Gelato at Lorong Kilat, near Carpenter and Cook! It's a new café joint and the only reason we actually found out about it's existence was because we received a coupon for a free gelato and four 1-for-1 scoops of gelato in the mail. Yes, it's really tucked away into the heart of the...alley. Nevertheless, I loved the Hazelnut gelato. The other flavours I felt were just mediocre, not something I would specially pay for. I realized that nowadays, I really love hazelnut-flavored desserts! Mmm...

We stopped by Carpenter and Cook just to have a look round. The interior design is really cool! It has a very British, old English kind of feel to it which I really love. Definitely one of the places I want to visit in the near future!

I loved this weekend and I wish all weekends could be spent like that, but I know it's terrible for my waistline so well, it's good enough to have these occasional treats every now and then. :-) Weekends should be spent unwinding oneself from the tiring week, and preparing for yet another busy, hectic week ahead.

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