Thursday, January 24, 2013

Obolo Galeria

Met up with my family and we had dinner at Obolo Galeria, the top of my "Restaurants I want to dine in" list in my previous blog post! It was a form of celebratory dinner I guess. :-) as we were all not exactly ravenous, we ordered three dinner set meals to share: Wild mushroom aglio olio, roasted chicken pasta in cream sauce as well as the Cajun chicken sandwich.

The food was f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s! I would definitely come back again for more, especially the macaroons! Obolo Galeria's macaroons are dubbed the best in town, and I find that they are comparable to those sold at Canelé. If I were to choose between Obolo's and Canelé's macaroons, I would choose Canelé's as their macaroons are much more generously-filled and less expensive!

 Roast chicken spaghetti in cream sauce

 Wild mushroom aglio olio

 Cajun chicken sandwich

 Rose macaroon

 Mocha macaroon

Lemon cheesecake

Anyway, Obolo Galeria is not exactly cheap but is not expensive either if you opt for the set lunch or dinner meals, which come with a drink, side dish of soup or salad, a main meal as well as a dessert of either a macaroon or a "Petit" cake. The cake is really puny and not that great-tasting, though I'm sure their full-sized cakes are of a much better quality.

The staff also allowed us to sample some of their Chinese New Year cookies and I loved them all! Well, besides from the fact that they all contained some sort of but in it, it was perfect.

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