Thursday, January 24, 2013

C. B. Paul Science Quiz 2013

Today, Gaby, Keshia and I took part in the 35th annual C. B. Paul Science Quiz organized by the Science and Mathematics Council at Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) as well as the National University of Singapore (NUS). We were not exactly prepared for the competition but were nonetheless excited! We were to go through a preliminary round, where all candidates had to complete two papers (all MCQs) and the four team with the highest combined scores would proceed to the Final Round. Our school only sent in one team, and even though we weren't the top four performing teams, both Gaby and I won prizes for our individual efforts! Gaby got the Silver medal and I received the Gold medal!!! I was so surprised when my name was flashed on the screen and yeah words just can't describe that feeling of excitement and ecstasy! The paper was terribly challenging, and I didn't expect to get any award after the recipients of the Bronze and Silver awards were called out. However, by God's grace, I was able to clinch the Gold medal! The top ten percent of candidates received the Gold medal, which means about twenty or thirty other students shared this glory with me, but no matter. A medal's a medal. It really boosted my confidence in applying for Raffles Junior College:-)

Let me emphasize again that the paper was insanely hard and the questions really pitted my thinking skills to the extreme, making my head literally hurt after the paper was over.

The tea reception was good and I took like three tuna sandwiches! I love love love bread even though it's terribly stuffed with delicious carbs. Oh well, I need food for my brain to function!

During the Final Round, the teams participating had to answer these really hard questions within a minute or less. I got like four questions in a row correct! Haha yay that got me feeling really proud of myself lol maybe I'm just to easily contented.

(This appeared during Speech Day later in the year!)

Today was brilliant and I am so incredibly grateful for supportive parents who never give up on me

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