Monday, February 11, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year everyone!!!

Yesterday was the first day of the year of the Water Snake and it was (almost) perfect! I woke up at seven in the morning (thank you body clock) and went to buy breakfast for the family because I felt like being an angel hahaha. I went to the petrol kiosk to buy pastries and pau and the newspapers for my family and forgot to bring the newspaper up so had to go down to retrieve it from the cashier. I felt like such a doof but that's okay. The cashier was rather nasty about it though, snapping at me and just throwing the newspaper at me. Oh well, don't let others dampen your festive mood! ^_^

(Reunion dinner the night before!)

Went to fetch the grandparents to church after that and the sermon was not too bad, at least I understood more than ninety percent of it! Haha.

After church, we went to my grandparents' house for lunch. A bowl of rice vermicelli noodles cooked with fish, pork, vegetables, eggs, prawns and lots of love...nothing tastes better than that! My grandparents cooked the meal together, and they're really great cooks! I think they used to run a hawker stall back in the day...haha geez I sound so old. The point is, I LOVE my grandparents' cooking, and how rare is it that you get both grandparents to cook together?!?!?

Set off to my other grandmother's house next. As we were driving into her condominium, we saw my two cousins crossing the road to Tiong Bahru Plaza. Haha apparently they just left to catch a movie. Sigh what great timing. -_- Anyway, we chatted with my grandmother for about an hour and then it started raining really heavy so we left for home, after a long tiring day.

Stopped by Ikea to pick up some meatballs and then King Albert Park's Cold Storage for some pasta and fruits for dinner! We made aglio olio with meatballs, mmm! Nothing tastes better than home-cooked food!

Somehow, Chinese New Year is a terrible period because almost all shops and eateries are closed! Yes, we have a long holiday but really, what can we do with all this time?! (Okay, we can study but still...)

We're going to cook dinner tonight as well, unlike the many families who will be forced to eat fast food for dinner! Hehehe we used to frequent KFC/McDonald's during this festive period for meals but NO MORE! #eatcleanstaylean lol that's the way to go!

P.s. I'm now 49kg WHOOP (that's not bad for my height okay don't judge hahahahahahaha)

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