Monday, February 18, 2013

Reunion with 叔叔

Today we had a mini reunion dinner with my uncle who has just came back from Hong Kong! We only get to see him about twice a year so these gatherings are great catch-up sessions. We went for dinner at the market near my house and indulged in greasy, fried, delicious hawker fare that he would never find in Hong Kong! It was a great dinner as we made plans for a family holiday later in the year. I'm so excited!

Oh yes, my uncle and grandparents came down from Chinatown and bought two boxes of egg tarts from the famed Tong Heng in Chinatown! I've heard so many raving reviews about it so I was glad to finally sink my teeth into a creamy egg tart that is deemed the best in Singapore.

The custard-y egg tart didn't disappoint, that's for sure! The custard egg filling was so smooth, it literally melted on my tongue into a runny yellow pool of eggy goodness. The tart was also unbelievably soft and crumbly, making it a daunting task to get the pastry into my mouth without crumbling over. There is another box of egg tarts waiting in pantry...tempting me...oh no. Everyone should definitely try this egg tart at least once in their lives. It's so worth every calorie.

Speaking of resisting temptations, today my church organized a potluck luncheon. There were so many trays of food and the queue lines were crazy long. Oblong sponsored 250 scoops of ice cream - yes, all for free!!! I was so so so tempted to get a cup of ice cream as Oblong's ice cream is seriously the best I've eaten. However, I just gave myself a treat the day before (cough buffet cough) and so I fought really really hard to stop my hand from reaching out into the freezer box to take a cup of my favourite ice cream. :'-(

For those who haven't tried Oblong's ice cream, I am not exaggerating it's delicious-ness. I dare say it's better than the ice cream from Ben and Jerry's or even Häagen Dazs! It's not over-bearingly sweet and does not give you the guilty feeling whenever you've indulged yourself with calorie-bombs. The shop is located in the basement of Balmoral Plaza, so do check it out!

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