Friday, March 15, 2013

La Symphonie d'Amis

Last night was the La Symphonie d'Amis concert by nine Singaporean secondary school bands, namely St. Margaret's, Presbyterian High, Clementi Town, Geylang Methodist, Gan Eng Seng, Compassville, Zhenghua, New Town as well as another school which I cannot as of now recall. It was held at the Singapore Conference Hall and it marked my sixth time performing there! As each school only played about two pieces, I did not encourage my parents to attend as the ticket was quite expensive and it didn't seem very worth the money just to watch us perform for less than ten minutes! So I didn't sell any tickets but apparently my band mates were selling tickets like nobody's business. Ah well.

It would be my last concert with St. Margaret's Symphonic Band as the only hurdle left now would be the Singapore Youth Festival competition in April. The past four years have been rather turbulent, with its highs and lows. I was also a part of the "transition" period which I believe has a great impact on the evolution of our band culture. Comparing our band under Ms Chong with us under Mr Alvin, I would say there is a big big big big b i g difference. It is quite hard to adapt to the new band culture, especially after three years of getting used to the more...I would say relaxed band system. I'm glad, however, that that has changed because I can now honestly say that I am proud to tell people that I'm from SMSB. :'-)

Anyway, the concert went really great, and I enjoyed every single minute on stage. There is an almost magical feeling about performing on stage which really makes the hours of toil and sacrifice worth it.

Update: SYF is on 4/4, 12pm, band number 62!

Sang Ah

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Hipster hair y'aw!

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