Friday, March 15, 2013

End of Term 1/Sang's house

Can you believe it? A quarter of the academic year is gone and we are left with only seventy-five per cent of the year to prepare for the O-Level examinations. Just the thought of the impending doom gives me the shivers. That aside, I'm sure most of us will be looking forward to our one-week break before the next hectic term resumes. However, I, for one, would very much prefer the usual school curricula to the "holidays". During this short week, I have so many things on my plate! A microbiology competition I'm hardly ready for, band camp, Career Day, Mother Tongue intensive lessons and not to mention catching up and revising school work! The future seems bleak but life goes on.

To end the term on a happier note, the school organized a Sports Carnival today. I have an abrasion on my knee and was thus unable to participate in the activities planned so I took joy in sitting by the bleachers, finishing up Chinese homework and talking to my 4E3 friends. How exciting. Fearon lost so badly today but honestly, I don't really have the energy to care any more. I just feel so sucked out of strength. (I have a terrible sore throat now and my voice do not want to hear it)

After school, we collected our progress reports for the term and most people broke into tears. Half the students from my class (and we are the supposedly "top" class) failed three or more subjects! Fortunately, I was not part of this half, even though English massacred me so badly. Needless to say, I'm very disappointed with my results but I do believe that I will do better next term. I guess it's just a great challenge to juggle all my commitments and fulfill all my roles successfully. I'll get the hang of it.

Frosted Chocolate Malt

Banana Split

Afterward, Jamie and I went to Sang Ah's house to just chill out. We stopped by Swensen's for ice-cream to celebrate the end of term, but it seemed more like a reason to pig-out and be sad over our devastating progress reports. We had two ice-cream sundaes for only $9.90 due to a special student promotion going on! We ordered the Frosted Chocolate Malt as well as the classic Banana Split. The ice-cream was really good but maybe it filled us up a tad too much.

Left to right, clockwise: Kimchi, long beans, Korean pancakes, beancurd, cucumber.

Having our spirits lifted, we went on to Sang Ah's house, where her mother prepared lunch for us. I felt a little bad as I felt as if we were inconveniencing her mother but I guess Koreans are really nice and hospitable people. :-) It was my first time trying authentic Korean food and I must say, I am already a big fan of it!

Sang Ah's mom made kimchi, kimchi pancakes, cucumbers, beancurd, long beans, vegetable soup as well as brown rice for us. The kimchi pancake was so good, I ate at least five pieces! Each pancake was filled with lots of cabbages and I really loved it! I can't even describe how good everything tasted. After the meal, I felt really full but not as bad as the jialat feeling after buffets.

We went to the gym to burn off our calories for a little while and then headed back home, where the stress begins. Woohoo.

I just want to say, I am really grateful to have friends like Jamie and Sang Ah. Despite being in different classes and all, we still manage to click together and be good friends. :'-) LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH (I know you'll be reading this hahaha my ardent fans :'-))

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