Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy birthday, Jun-bin! 2013

Today is my brother's birthday and we celebrated it with a day of good food! As it was National Breakfast Day (is there such a thing?) today, McDonald's was giving out free Egg McMuffins and being the kiasu Singaporeans we were, we headed straight to Serene Centre's McDonald's first thing in the morning to get our hands on those yummy fatty muffins. Of course, I did not eat any McMuffin as I am off fast food, but I got some for my brother who was still sleeping at home.

While I had Chinese intensive lessons, my brother invited a few friends over to play with his new video game (groan). When I reached home, the little kids were (thankfully) gone and I was greeted by a freezer filled with frozen seaweed chicken, chicken nuggets, hot dogs and ice-cream. Oh my goodness...and the little ones had a Pizza Hut regular-sized pizza to boot. These kids can sure eat a lot!

Prawn Aglio Olio

Garlic bread

Beef lasagne (meh)

We went to Bukit Timah Plaza in the afternoon for a late lunch and capitalized on Pizza Hut's weekday lunch promotions (1-for-1 and Student Meals). Normally, I would have been totally against Pizza Hut but seeing as it was my brother's birthday...(cue more groans). However, the prawn aglio olio and garlic bread was very good! Strangely, we went to Pizza Hut and did not buy any pizza.

Lazed around the house for the rest of the afternoon after spending an hour and $46 printing the poster for tomorrow's microbiology competition. A0 size is really big!

Headed out to Tony Romas for dinner and that's the only reason why I feel so compelled to blog about it before I forget the loveliness of dinner!!!

We went to the outlet at Suntec City as the one in Orchard was really crowded. Suntec City is currently undergoing a renovation so it was less crowded and more peaceful. :-) The restaurant was really big and spacious and about one-third full when we got there. We ordered the Tony Romas Baby Back Ribs, New York Strip and the Rib Eye and Fish Fillet Combo as we had a coupon that offered us three main courses for the price of two.

The waitresses were very accommodating (we changed seats thrice lol) and even offered us a free brownie with ice-cream upon learning that it was my brother's special day!

Upon ordering, we were given a complimentary half baguette and a cube of garlic herb butter. The bread was soft but nothing to shout about. The butter was all right, but not as good as the one from Strictly Pancakes!

The three main courses arrived together - rather considerate, especially if customers are ordering individual dishes. When the waiter presented us with the steaks, he asked if we would like to check if the steaks were done well enough. How nice, I thought. :-)

The ribs (with Original BBQ sauce) were fantastic. We ordered a full slab and I had five ribs! Licked 'em clean to the bone I did. The sauce was just the right mix of sweet and spicy, so easy to lick up without feeling sick! The steak was not bad as well, though I would have preferred them to be done medium-well instead of just medium. Nonetheless, it was juicy and delicious.

We were given a choice of six side dishes, so we ordered everything except for the rice and coleslaw. That boils down to mashed potatoes, baked potato, french fries, ranch sauce beans, broccoli and corn on cob. I loved them all, especially the mashed potatoes, baked potato and baked beans! Both the potatoes were drizzled with cheese sauce and bacon bits, and baked beans are just one of my all-time-favourite side dishes! I went so far as to eat the baked potato skin with chilli sauce, and it was so good!!!

Tony Roma's Baby Back Ribs, FULL SLAB OH YES.

Glorious ribs with baked potato and mashed potato. Look at those bits of crisp bacon and golden cheese!

New York Strip with French Fries and Ranch Sauce Beans

Rib-eye steak and Fish fillet combo, with broccoli and corn on cob.

After the meat massacre.

Happy birthday lil' bro! :-)

Needless to say, I was sad when the meal came to an end...I'll miss feasting like this because I really need to start my diet proper soon (tomorrow sigh which never comes) (no it will I promise) (sigh pie)

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