Monday, March 25, 2013

SYF Showcase Preview 2013

Today was the SYF showcase preview for parents for the Choir, Strings Ensemble and Symphonic Band. I just wanted to mention something that I found really cool. So, Ms Chang informed us that the preview would commence at 7pm and refreshments would be rolled out at 6.30pm, so I told my parents that they could just come at 7pm. However, the performance started at 6.45pm and just before we started (band was the opening item), I prayed really hard for my parents to arrive right on time. Well, guess who pushed through the double glass doors upon the first few notes of Sarabande? Yes, praise the Lord indeed! This is one of the few times I really felt my prayers being answered by God and well, I just feel so thankful to God. :-)

All that being said, the acoustics in the hall were not that great as the hall was very echo-y. Hence, the articulation and all was not very clear. With people not looking up at Mr Alvin, the whole performance was rather messy and overall, a disappointment, which was written clearly all over Mr Alvin's face. I really hate it when I let people down, and so even though I thought I didn't play too badly, the poor performance also kind of dampened my mood. :-(

Oh well, at least we can learn from the mistakes we make now, and make sure they don't repeat next Thursday! Here's to a hectic and stressful week!

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