Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thank God It's Good Friday: Running Man

On Good Friday, I participated in a Running Man-style activity organized by the Navteens with Genevieve! We were in a team with Carolyn, Yi Wen, her two friends Amanda and Niki (sp?) and Esther. However, Esther was busy at a school camp and could not join in the games with us. :-(

We met at T-Junction and set off to VivoCity from there! It was a crazy times running around from station to station and competing in games and fulfilling quests. At the end of the day, our legs were really sore and we were sticky and dirty from all that running around! I had fun and well, it's a good way to exercise and meet people at the same time!

Carolyn, Yi Wen, Gen, Jinwen, Amanda, Niki

The uncle sitting opposite us was totally judging us when we took this hehe

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