Sunday, March 31, 2013

Anglo-Chinese Winds: LegACy

Last evening, I attended the concert LegACy, presented by the alumni members of the Anglo-Chinese schools (ACS, ACJC, and the likes), conducted by (none other than) Mr Alvin. This would be my first time attending a concert conducted by him, and it was quite interesting to see his magic being shown through the band, since we hardly perform up to par with expectation (cue deep sigh). To our surprise, Mr Heng and Mr Melvin were performing as well! Mr Mezraq was supposed to perform (well, his name was on the concert booklet) but according to Kimberly, he had another band event to attend to that night, so oh well!

After band ended, we stayed back for quite a while, waiting for Kimberly to finish counting the money collected from various events and I used that time to do a little bit of my cataloging (cue heavier sighs). After that, we headed out eagerly to Balmoral Plaza for our long-awaited birthday feast as Tan Qi's birthday was the next day! Also, we starved for lunch because I got my juniors to rope in with the cataloging hehe. They did have a heavier breakfast in anticipation for this, though.

We ate at Subway, and I fell in love with the turkey sandwich! Turkey on Parmesan Oregano bread, topped with lettuce and tomatoes - no sauces! Yummy and healthy is the way to go y'all!!! Hahaha. 

After filling our tummies with solid food, we went down to Oblong for the much-awaited ice-cream feast! Denise was working at Oblong that day so it was nice seeing her and I got (hopefully) us all church scoops. :-P

Lim Ning saw the advertisement for the 25 Scoops in 25 minutes challenge and showed signs of interest in participating. Hm...that would be interesting to see! Anyway, there was clearly no space for twenty-five scoops of ice-cream for us that day so we settled on three scoops of ice-cream: Rum Rum Raisin, Strawberry Cheesecake and Cookie Monster. After devouring the ice-cream within minutes and agreeing that it was guuuuud, we decided to just sit and talk for another twenty minutes before getting yet another cup of ice-cream! So, round two was Cookie Monster, Spooky Dark Chocolate and Milo Dino. My section really loved the Cookie Monster! Total bill amounted to $14.20 and since it was Tan Qi's birthday, we decided to give her a treat and go dutch between the four of us, even though traditionally it is the birthday girl that gives the treat... Hint hint. Haha!

We left Oblong around seven to give Mr Alvin his bag as he had left it in our band room and forgotten to bring it with him when he left. When we went backstage to return Mr Alvin his bag, I walked past Jing Ying and found out that she was performing for the concert as well! Actually I didn't spot her, but rather she recognized me, haha.

Five generations of bassoonists, with two sets of sisters and one lone wolf. :'-(

Anyway, Lim An came for the concert as well, and we were laughing throughout the concert whenever this group of really enthusiastic supporters sitting behind us yelled and cheered for this guy named Scotty (or Scott). It was really annoying but yet hilarious at the same time.

The band performed really well, both the alumni band and the ACJC band. They played a few pieces, including Arabesque and Japanese Graffiti XI, my two favourites that night! Maybe I am a little biased here but I felt that the MTDC Band's rendition of Arabesque was a little better than the one we heard last night, haha. That being said, ACJC is supposedly the best junior college band in Singapore, judging by the Singapore Youth Festival results and their accolades thus far.

Mr Alvin receiving his Elmo plush toy hahaha

6 generations of SMSB bassoonists, with two pairs of sisters siala

(Jing Wen on the far right haha)

After the concert ended, we went backstage as a section to take photos with Jing Ying. Six generations of St. Margaret's Band bassoonists (sans Yu Rei)! Yes, Tan Xuan came for the concert as well, though she only arrived after intermission. I met the Clementi Town bassoonist, Shoon, as well, and apparently, her senior is in JC1 this year and DSA-ed into ACJC through band! It was really cool meeting people like that as we never did this ~sort~ of thing back in Ms Chong's day. For example, we had totally zero idea of how her students from Nanyang and Fu Hua were like. All right, maybe we did get opportunities to interact with the Nanyang girls, but the relationships formed were not deep and solid enough.

All in all, it was a great night, and I really would love to join the ACJC band as its culture is very...appealing. :-) I definitely would miss having band practices after I graduate from the band as well, sigh, how time flies!

iPhone 4 camera's quality oh well!

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