Thursday, April 04, 2013

Happy birthday Mummy 2013

Today, we celebrated the birthday of the most amazing mother anyone could ever ask for! Thank you, Mom for always supporting me and giving me encouragement even when I don't need it. Thank you for sacrificing so much for me, especially your precious beauty sleep in order to wake up and see me off the school every morning. Thank you for loving me for the past sixteen years and I just wanted to say that I love you too. :-*

So, we went to the Marriott Cafe at the Marriott Hotel (duh) for a dinner buffet celebration, as per tradition. The buffet spread was very good and even though I only had a small serving of each food, I felt extremely stuffed by the end of the meal. I really need to start exercising regularly now!

Clockwise from left: Grilled sea bass, potato with cheese thingum, roast beef and a piece of broccoli.
The sea bass wasn't very memorable, and the beef was rather tough. However, the potato thing was really good, but I suspect it is mostly because of the strong cheesy taste.

Clockwise from top left: California maki, squid sushi, mayonnaise-y sushi, salmon with some sort of seasoning, salmon sashimi and smoked salmon. I enjoyed the smoked salmon the most. The rest were rather ordinary. However, there is an open kitchen where you can actually see the chef rolling the sushi and it is rather interesting to watch!

Clockwise from left: Oyster sauce vegetables, potato cheese thing again, stir-fried beef, sweet and sour chicken, char siew and roast duck. This was like the "local plate" and it did not disappoint, except for the sweet and sour chicken, which doesn't even really taste like any form of meat. The roast duck, on the other hand, is really good despite being slightly on the chewier side.

Clockwise from left: Sea bass, beef shank and mushrooms, duck, sauteed mushrooms and spinach tortellini. The only items worth eating are the beef shank and the mushrooms! The mushroom are absolutely fabulous and juicy while the beef shank tastes just like beef brisket, without the fatty parts and soaked in a delicious gravy (which would be very unhealthy, but still).

The potato cheese thingum that I absolutely loved.

Sticky date pudding and bread and butter pudding. Look at those cute tins of sauces behind the trays of pudding!

Lovely selection of breads.

Strawberry, chocolate and mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Cranberry bread that was super fluffy and soft, studded with little buttons of cranberries! Simply delightful. I am ashamed to say that I had two slices of these yeast monsters.

As you can see, the dessert spread is one of the main highlights of the whole buffet, and we were thoroughly enjoying our feast. I'm glad that these sinful indulges only happen twice a year though, if not I would really become a huge fat glob of fats!

Anyway, special days deserve special considerations to ones diet plan. SO YOLO.

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