Saturday, April 06, 2013

Singapore Youth Festival 2013

Today was our big day! After months of hard work and practice, we finally reaped the fruits of our labours. It would be really boring to chronologically record down what had happened throughout the course of this eventful day, so I shall just elaborate more on what I felt and all that.

Seeing as this is my second time participating in the Singapore Youth Festival competitions, the sense of novelty of the whole event is lost on me, and I did not really see the competition as a competition in all its glory but rather as a final chance to perform together with my lovely bandmates and of course, my section. I'm sure all performers share the same sentiment as me, that is, that the process of performance itself is a wonderful rewards for all the effort that we put into practicing. Hence, what I really anticipated was the feeling of performing on stage, in front of all the adjudicators and the audience.

Oh yes, before performing, I got to meet my MTDC friends Waisiang and Bernadynn as they were two bands in front of me! It was great seeing them again and well, yeah, it always is a nice feeling to catch up with old friends, no? :-)

Our performance was all right. I would not say that it was perfect, or even what I had expected. However, I'm still extremely proud of all the band members and I feel that we impressed both the adjudicators and the audience. I heard from the seniors who had come back to support us, as well as my parents, that we received the loudest applause for that session. On the other hand, I don't want to get my hopes too high for fear of getting them crushed again next Thursday, when the results are officially released to the nation of antsy students.

Despite the long practice hours and demanding level of commitment required, I will definitely miss being a part of the St. Margaret's Symphonic Band. My batch has experienced the greatest impact of the change in conductors as we are being jolted from our slack-ish state during Ms Chong's time to becoming frequent self-practice-ers in The A Team's reign (haha). I would say that I definitely grew in character as well from the band programme because I was forced to manage my time properly and become more resilient. Trust me, there were countless times when I just felt like tearing my hair out and giving up altogether. I'm really envious of my juniors as I would swap a year under Ms Chong for one more year under The A Team in a heartbeat. I have no doubt that the band will only improve exponentially and I really want to be a part of the amazing band that will be. However, all that is not possible (unless I retain lol TOUCH WOOD) so I'll just have to settle with being part of the legacy of this wonderful band.

Once a band girl, always a band girl. :'-)

11 April is the day.

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