Sunday, April 14, 2013

We are Gold(en)


All right, maybe the distinction was quite expected (honestly!) and well, fifty-two (+-) other bands in Singapore also attained the Distinction award! I guess the thrill of achieving the highest award is no longer as strong as it used to be in this sense. However, I'm still very happy that all our hard work paid off! This is proof that you reap what you sow. :-) We're really a miracle band because six months ago, we really doubted if we could even attain a Bronze award and now, well, let the music speak for itself!

The results were released on Thursday, and somehow everyone started yelling and squealing and this news got passed along to all the band girls in the school. During biology class, my teacher was turning on her laptop and then the SYF results were just there, on the screen for everyone to see! I didn't want to find out our results this way, so I shut my eyes and ears and just made it in time to miss the schools that came after St. Andrew's. Actually, in retrospect, the way I found out the results wasn't very exciting either. During our lunch break, Sandra and Celestine burst into our class and started squealing and well, we all know what that meant. Oh well, it was fun though! I got so emotional I almost cried! Hahahaha I guess I was just really overwhelmed with joy.

After school, Sandra, Victoria, Emily and I went to celebrate the distinction by going to Strictly Pancakes! I ordered the short stack with scrambled eggs and sauteed mushrooms, together with rum and raisin butter. It was so good, and so much cheaper than the other savoury pancakes! (sorry but students aren't rich y'know) I enjoyed talking to them and we laughed a lot and spent time enjoying one another's company. :-)

Apparently iPhone's front camera isn't very good.

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