Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ajisen Ramen

Visited Ajisen at IMM a few days ago and well, I wouldn't specially go back there again unless I'm having a huge craving for ramen like my mother had that day. There are pretty few good ramen places here in Singapore so I guess one just has to settle for whatever is available! Price-wise, I wouldn't say it is the best value-for-money as the prices start from $10 upwards for a bowl of ramen. However, they do have ramen sets where you get a bowl of ramen, an a-la-carte side dish and a drink for less than $15.

The brother ordered the Beef Ramen ($14.90)
The carrots were really good! Haha that is all I can say for this dish, as my brother refused to let anyone sample his beef. If you trust his taste, then well the beef was really good. :-)

I had the Spicy Ramen ($7.90) [Anniversary Special]
The waitress said there was chicken in it but didn't mention that it was minced chicken! Felt quite cheated, as I hardly could taste the minced chicken anyway. However, at least the noodles were good, and the soup was delectably spicy.

Mother ordered the Aso Ramen ($7.90) [Anniversary Ramen]
Aso is just pork, and the slices of pork were rather fatty.

I'm not sure what my dad ordered but it was good! The pork was not very fatty and they were more generous with their serving of meat.

Baby Octopus was not that bad. The marinating sauce was a tad bit too sweet for my liking though.

Fried white fish.
The batter was really oily but really yummy, haha. *guilty*

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