Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chomp Chomp Food Centre

I'm sure all Singaporeans are familiar with the name "Chomp Chomp". After not eating there in a really long time, my family and I decided to venture out to Serangoon for dinner after exercising at the country club!

We were early (6 p.m.-ish?) and were able to get a seat quickly in the "cooling" area of the food centre, away from all the barbecue smoke. However, halfway through the meal, we could feel sweat engulfing out backs. Ew.

Huge cup of sugarcane juice ($3)

Fried white carrot cake ($3)
This is carrot cake I've ever tasted. Look, it even comes with two prawns! Even the radish is perfectly fried so it doesn't taste too starchy, and the serving of egg is generous.

(This is the stall right outside the food centre! Aaaaaalllll the way up front, in the corner!)

Chicken satay and Pork satay
This was merely mediocre, but the pork skewers were better than the chicken ones. Apparently my mother ordered from the "wrong" stall. The "better" one was supposed to have pineapple slices in between the pieces of meat.

Chicken wings
I did not partake in this sinful drumlet of oil, but my mother said it was delicious. Eat at your own risk, I say.

Sambal BBQ sting-ray and La La ($21.90)
The sambal sting-ray was really good. The sambal sauce was very spicy and the sting-ray was fat and meaty! Yum! The La La was disappointing, though. There were many empty clam shells and the clams were so tiny! Hardly worth the eight dollars, I would say.

Satay Bee Hoon: I don't like the peanut gravy so...


There is a hokkien mee stall somewhere along the row of stalls near the middle of the food centre, which whips up plates of hokkien mee to hungry patrons. Expect to wait at least half an hour to get your food! But really, it is worth the wait as it is probably the best hokkien mee in the whole of Singapore!!!

Overall, I think Chomp Chomp is one of those places where every Singaporean has to visit at least once!

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