Friday, May 03, 2013

da Paolo Gastronomia

Visited Gastronomia! by the Da Paolo group last Saturday morning for a hearty brunch with the family. I was quite excited as my previous visit to Gastronomia! left a favourable impression on me. Thus, I was eager to try the all-day breakfast items that they had to offer.

We ordered the smoked salmon egg set, mushroom and onion egg set, chocolate croissant, sugar doughnut, tiramisu as well as a hot chocolate and a cafe latte. The eggs chosen were an omelette and a scrambled egg. The total bill chalked up to at least $40 and was by no means cheap. The pastries were served over-the-counter while we had to wait quite a while before the egg orders arrived.

Assortment of meringues that my mom nearly bought.

Kudos to the design and layout of their pastry bar as it made me want to buy practically everything on display! It added a real Italian vibe to the deli as I remembered visiting countless cafes with this same layout concept when I was holidaying in Italy a few years back.


Unbelievable variety of diabetes-inducing desserts. Yes, dessert for breakfast, how lovely.

The chocolate croissant was a huge butter croissant with its ends dipped in chocolate, making it look rather silly, I thought. The croissant was soft and fluffy on the inside, but I only got to have two bites before my brother demolished the pastry in all its chocolate glory.

Honestly, I felt that the sugar doughnut ($2.90) was nothing spectacular, and tasted pretty much the same as the ring doughnuts that you can find for a dollar each at a local confectionery. Besides, eating the ring of sugary dough is where the fun kicks in, right?

This set me back $7.90 and it is supposedly Gastronomia!'s specialty dessert. However, I felt that it was rather ordinary as the mascarpone cream to cake ratio was about a hundred to one. Perhaps it is because I bought the smallest serving of cake which is why they shortchanged me on the cake, but it was rather a disappointment, seeing as it was a small portion yet cost more than a slice on cake at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (whose cakes are splendid, by the way).

Frothy hot chocolate

As you can see, the servings of mushrooms are pathetic. What a rip-off.

They are much more generous with the smoked salmon though, giving me a whole pile of salmon! Did I mention that it cost the same as the mushrooms and onions? Well, the salmon was really tasty and I could taste the seasoning on the fish, which was not entirely cooked yet not raw-tasting. In other words, I loved it. However, the two slices of "toast" was really more like bruschetta, a huge disappointment as I am an ardent lover of breads.

I would definitely go back to Gastronomia! for their smoked salmon but other than that, I feel that the other items are rather over-priced, and definitely not worth the extra cost as the dining experience was not all that fantastic either. Think small, cramped tables along a corridor...not very pleasant, huh. They do have seats outside for diners to dine al-fresco, but I guess since this is a deli, after all, well, it isn't very fair to complain about the seating and ambiance of the place.


Gastonomia! by Da Paolo Group

501 Bukit Timah Road
#01-01 Cluny Court
Tel: 64687010

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