Friday, May 03, 2013

Starbucks Green Tea Red Bean frappuccino

As many of you may (or may not) know, I love red bean. Red bean paste, red bean soup, basically anything that contains red beans in it will send me into a frenzy of excitement. Thus, imagine my joy when Starbucks unveiled their new concoction: Green Tea Red Bean Frappuccino! I had my reserves at first, though. After all, it has been a really long time since I last drank a frappuccino, was it really worth all those sugars and fats? After much mulling over, I decided to just order a cup because, well, YOLO! (Yes that is the worst reason to do anything but YOLO) (I'm sorry)

I ordered the frappuccino with non-fat milk, less sugar and extra red beans. The frappuccino did not look like it had much red beans at first, and I suspected that the barista had forgotten about my extra requests. However, after stirring the drink and drinking a substantial amount of the matcha frappuccino (it was lovely as well, just f.y.i), I discovered a whole minefield of red beans buried underneath! It filled up almost a third of the whole grande-sized cup! I was short of jumping up and down with joy in the Starbucks cafe crowded with students mugging hard for the forthcoming examinations.

So...all red bean lovers out there, go out and get yourself a cup of Starbucks' Green Tea Red Bean frappuccino before they stop selling it!

The other seasonal drink was some chocolate cookie concoctions which my brother slurped up eagerly.

All right, I'll confess that I did drink this again on another occasion...#guiltyascharged. However, this time round, the barista was not as generous with the red beans. 

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