Friday, May 03, 2013

Adam Road Food Centre

Went to the Adam Road Food Centre on Labour Day for lunch with the family. I was rather reluctant at first as I have never really tried Malay or Indian food other than roti prata and Indian rojak, hence I felt rather out of my comfort zone as most of the food stalls that Adam Road Food Centre is famous for are its Indian and Malay stalls. However, this was where I found my new-found love for Indian food. Namely, maggi goreng pattaya! All right, so it isn't such a great stretch from what I am accustomed to eating, but it is a start! Maggi goreng pattaya is basically maggi noodles fried with Indian spices (thus its red colour) wrapped in a paper-thin omelette. I suppose the stall-owners must have looked at me as if I were crazy when I requested for my food to be cooked with "less oil" and "no chilli sauce". However, they still drizzled a squiggly line of mayonnaise which I scraped off and gave to my brother, who is a lover of all things fattening.

Indian rojak, from the stall which used to be really popular (and perhaps it still is). The original stall-owner has let his son takeover the business and the quality of the food is not as good as how it used to be. For one, they no longer serve the squid, which was my favourite rojak item! Also, the deep-fried beancurd tastes rather queer, and I cannot put my finger on exactly what about it makes it taste that way. Furthermore, for $7+, this is not really worth your money.

Mee siam that is apparently very very popular among the visitors in the food centre, as I see almost every single table having this dish. The noodles have a delightful taste of tomato sauce to it, but I do feel that it may just be a tad too oily. Of course, presentation is rather terrible but that should only be expected in a no-frills place like this.

My maggi goreng pattaya which I absolutely loved! The egg was thin and oily and rather put me off, but when I wrapped the entire egg together, it was "thick" enough and rather tasty, in fact, despite the oiliness of it. There was a lot of noodles, but somehow, I couldn't stop myself from devouring every single curl of maggi even though I knew that my uncontrollable shoveling of noodles into my mouth was doing much damage to my diet. It takes a really good dish to be able to make me lose control like that, so it speaks volumes about how delicious the noodles are. (Note: This stall is Adam's Delight)

I would most definitely come back to Adam Road Food Centre again and try more of the Indian dishes that are offered by the marked "popular" stalls. I have learnt that venturing out of my comfort zone can be extremely exciting and will allow me to broaden my horizons, in terms of my taste buds. After all, how can I call myself a foodie if I dare not try different cuisines? Till then, I can only dream of the yummy squiggly curls of noodles...

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