Saturday, May 04, 2013

Nasi Lemak (closed!)

Decided to have a simple breakfast with the family this morning and where better to head than the Bukit Timah Food Centre right downstairs? It has been a long while (well, a week perhaps) since we last had breakfast at the market (it's so much easier to call it a market than a food centre, so bear with me here please), and recently, there was a new stall selling nasi lemak that sprouted up, taking over what used to be a tze-char-style stall. The previous tze-char stall was run by an old man and his mother, and whenever I walked past their stall, they were almost always quarreling either about getting the wrong orders or adding too much of an ingredient and what-have-you. Their stall spanned two units, but one was sold to a young man selling "artisan" ice-cream and the other stall was, more recently, changed to the aforementioned nasi lemak stall. After living here for quite a few years now, I have gotten bored of the choices available at the market for breakfast as it is always either kaya toast, fishball noodles, min jiang kueh (red bean pancakes) or the simple pau. Thus, I was rather excited to try the nasi lemak offered by the new stall. Also, may I add that this would be my first time trying nasi lemak!

I ordered the chicken drumstick, otah and vegetables to go with my plate of fragrant coconut rice. The drumstick was so huge, it could have been used to clobber someone and cause a substantial degree of injury! Of course, I gave it to my mother (who loves chicken) but stole a few morsels of meat from the giant bone and it was divine. The rice was unexpectedly good as well, with the fragrance of coconut milk in each grain. My favourite had to be the otah and the sambal, though. The otah was quite meaty and juicy, while the sambal just hit all the right spots! It had the right amount of spiciness and sweetness to it, leaving you with a very shiok feeling afterward.

It was just a little more than $3 (a few cents more!) and so worth the money.

I decided to patronize my new favourite stall again in the afternoon for lunch but they only had otah and other fried foods left, so I bought two pieces of otah and bought vegetables and steamed egg from the mixed rice stalls. #sosingaporean? Most definitely.

Lumping all the vegetables together with the nasi revolting it all looks, but yet it tastes so so goooood.

Just thought my mother's home-cooked lunch was worth sharing as well! :-)

I'm really glad to have taken the "plunge" to try nasi lemak today, and I hope that it won't become too popular because then I'd have to wait really long to get my plate of nasi lemak, and many people would have taken all the yummy foods by then already...hehe, that is rather selfish but oh well! It is rather "ulu", in the sense that it is located all the way at the back, where hardly anyone every goes because it is so far away from all the other popular stalls in the market. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the next time I visit the stall, I won't be faced with a long, snaking queue!

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