Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant

Went to eat at the Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant this afternoon for perhaps the second time this month! There are many "fake" versions of this popular restaurant around and we are pretty fortunate to have found the "right" one quite early on and it is always a reliable place to come to for a good Chinese tze-char meal.

The restaurant is probably most well-known for it's San Lao Hor Fun (sliced fish with broad rice noodles) and Sliced Fish Bee Hoon Soup. Other recommended dishes included the pork ribs with bitter-gourd in black bean sauce, as well as the deep fried minced meat and prawn rolls. All these were on our table, as well as the deep-fried Prawn Paste Chicken. The food, I must say, is fantastic for its price. After all, an expensive bill is rather off-putting, no matter how good the food is.

Top: Pork ribs with bitter-gourd in black bean sauce ($13). My grandmother, who is a really good chef and whips up excellent dishes, was full of praise for this. I loved the pork ribs as well as the mushrooms that came with it. The sauce was a tad too salty when eaten on its own though. 

Prawn Paste Chicken ($9). I didn't touch this as I wanted to save my calories for the other fried items.

The San Lao Hor Fun ($11) was my absolute favourite. The noodles were fried, but not over-fried and the sauce was not thick and starchy. The noodles did not clump together too, and you could see the brown shades on the noodles, which proved that it had been fried. The fish slices were forgettable, however. How ironic, since most people are rather particular about the fish, I have eyes only for the noodles.

Deep-fried minced meat and prawn rolls ($9). This was featured as a Special and it surely lived up to expectations! The meat filling was delicious with a crisp, but not greasy, coating of fried batter. Dipped in sweet honey sauce, it was pure decadence in the mouth. Easily my favourite dish - besides the San Lao Hor Fun, of course.

My mother and brother both love the fish soup, which I found to be good, but not to die for, and definitely not paying $16 for!

All in all, a very safe restaurant to eat at when you have a craving for tze-char food as the prices are very reasonable for such good food. Also, do take note to either make a reservation or come a bit earlier before peak hours as the place can be very crowded during the busy lunch/dinner hours. Also, seating capacity is rather limited and as many people come in big groups, it can be rather exasperating waiting for a table.

Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant
273 Thomson Road
Singapore 307644

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