Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Kim's Family Restaurant

For once, we were undecided as to where to head for dinner. My mother was ravenous while my dad and I were semi-full. Hence, we chose Kim's Family Restaurant as (a) it was just across the road and (b) unlimited ban chan (Korean side dishes)! Yes yes, this is probably the ugly head of our Singaporean kiasuism showing itself in its full glory, but who doesn't love a restaurant with good food and even better free side dishes?

The ban chan we were served today was different from what we had a few months back when we last patronized the family-run restaurant. Boy, were we fortunate to have quickened our pace as just a few minutes after we were seated (almost immediately, for the record), a long queue started forming behind the counter! If you ever do visit Kim's, try to come earlier as the waiting can be quite long, no thanks to cheapskate Singaporeans leveraging on the ban chan! (Oops)

Anyway, we ordered the seafood pancake as well as the beef on the hot plate (I'm not exactly sure what that is called). The kimchi pancake we ordered during our previous visit there was too oily and rather tasteless, so it is no wonder that we were rather apprehensive in ordering the seafood pancake, but since it has been recommended by many who have patronized the restaurant, we decided to give it a try!

Delightful assortment of ban chan that I stuffed myself silly with. Read: cabbage kimchi and mashed potatoes.

Hot plate beef, which comes with a bowl of rice. The rice is Korean rice and has that sticky texture to it! However, it costs $2 a bowl. This beef set came with the rice, but it was still $12, so perhaps there isn't much of a discount. However, the beef is (mostly) lean and it is fried with a delicious gravy sauce, even better than the usual hot plate beef served in Chinese tze-char restaurants! Oddly, the onions were my favourite.

The seafood pancake ($14) was so much better than the kimchi pancake! I am really glad that we ordered it after all. The seafood is really just spring onions, leeks, squid and an egg. People looking out for the seafood would be disappointed at first sight of the dish, but biting into the crisp (but oily) pancake, it was pure bliss. The pancake was oily, yes, but not to the extent that makes one feel uncomfortable. The starchy bits of the pancake were fried perfectly and complemented the crunch of the vegetables. I hardly tasted the squid, and did not really mind it all that much as the vegetables were enough to satisfy me. Perhaps next time, I shall order the spring onion pancake and be fully content with that.

Kim's Family Restaurant
17 Lorong Kilat
#01-06 Kilat Court
Tel: 64650535

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