Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Adam Road Food Centre II

It's been almost a week since I had my lovely maggie goreng pattaya from Adam Road Food Centre. (Click here to read my previous review.) After a whole week of craving for the orange fried springy noodles wrapped in a paper-thin omelette, with a line of blood-red chilli sauce artfully painted on top, I was absolutely in need of another plate of maggie goreng pattaya. Thus, after the Chemistry paper today, Sang Ah and I stayed back in school to do some studying (for the Mathematics paper tomorrow) and then headed out to Adam Road Food Centre to satisfy our rumbling tummies, famished from all that math.

Walking there from school was not as far as it seemed, and we only took about ten minutes. It's a good way to "burn" calories before a heavy meal laden with oil (read: saturated fats).

Even though we arrived at ten minutes to one, it was quite crowded and though not difficult to find an empty table, it was absolutely daunting trying to find a clean table and accompanying bench. When we finally settled on a table, two men suddenly plonked themselves beside us without even acknowledging our presence. Extremely annoyed, I told them rather curtly that we were occupying that table, and that they should remove themselves from our seats. I suppose they were rather taken aback, being full-grown adults and getting told what to do by two barely-out-of-school girls. They took a few moments to recover from the initial surprise and retaliated by asking if we had more friends accompanying us and when we answered in the negative, they politely asked to share the table, as their friends were occupying the neighbouring table. In a situation like this, how else can one answer? Besides, we were in our school uniform and didn't want to make such a big fuss. Hence, we changed seats to another table, which was, for the record, cleaner and had a much less claustrophobic-feel than the previous table.

I am not entirely annoyed that they asked to share a table, but the fact that they did not even ask for our consent was what triggered my curt (and admittedly, rather unkind) response. I mean, if they asked if they could share seats before settling themselves down comfortably, I would have been likely to oblige. Instead, they just sat down on the seats beside us (we were sitting down, so it cannot be said that they did not know we were sitting there) and started chatting away to their friends! Is it not basic courtesy to ask before intruding on someone's space? All right, so the table does not belong to me, but it is an unsaid rule among Singaporeans that if someone is occupying a table in a hawker centre, or any public food joint for that matter, it is only right that you seek their permission before settling yourself down on their seat. I suspect that these men took advantage of the fact that we were merely schoolgirls and were less likely to tell them off, but that is just speculation on my part. However, it does provide some food for thought, no?

Anyway, on to the food.

I ordered the maggie goreng pattaya from the other Indian stall this time round, wanting to have a taste of what each stall had to offer and come up with a final verdict as to whose stall serves the better maggie goreng pattaya. The cost was the same, and I must say, the stall-owners of Ibrahim Mee Stall (#01-04) do have a much kindlier approach as to how they treat their customers. I noticed that they greeted all customers with smile (from earning them revenue but that is beside the point) and joked cheerily to most of them.

Verdict? Though the omelette is thicker and less oily, the noodles are thinner and rather dry and hard. It left me wondering if they have been properly boiled before being fried. The chilli sauce was sweet and hardly spicy, which is just fine for my palate but does great damage to my waistline. In all, I probably would order from Adam's Delight the next time I have a maggie goreng pattaya craving (which, for health reasons, hopefully will not be soon!)

Will Adam Road Food Centre be a popular hang-out or go-to place for students studying around the area? Most likely not, as the students who study around the area are from mostly affluent families who would rather chill out in air-conditioned comfort. Adam Road Food Centre is really hot and rather unpleasant to stay in for long, but I guess the food makes it a relatively worthwhile place to visit whenever the craving for Indian-Muslim food comes. However, with the likes of McDonald's, Coronation Plaza and Serene Centre in the vicinity, I highly doubt that this place would be infested with students any time soon (or for a pretty long time, actually).

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