Thursday, May 16, 2013


I'm sure many of us (students) are facing with a great hurdle at this point in our lives: the Mid-Year Examinations. For some of us, it is something to tremble in fear about as we spend the few hours of sleep we get each night thinking about how we wished this period would fly by as quickly as the holidays have. Perhaps a few of us even enjoy this period of intense revision, seeking solace in the routine of studying, eating and sleeping (ha). Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with the examination period.

For one, we get to be dismissed immediately after completing the papers that we have to complete for the day! There really is nothing quite as wonderful as going home bright and early in the morning. Unless, of course you have a day with examinations back-to-back all the way until the afternoon. Still, most days are relatively "light" and no matter how late the paper ends, we will still reach home earlier than on a normal school day.

Then again, some people may argue that going home early is not exactly a good point as we are going home early Well, all I can say is, if you have been consistent with your revision and are clear with what is going on in school, then there should be no major mugging happening as what you ought to be doing would just be revision, reminding yourself of the information that is already tucked in some corner of the vault of knowledge that is your brain. Besides, there are days when the subject examinable the next day is a manageable subject like, say, Elementary Mathematics. Then, there really isn't much to study really painfully for, is there?

However, with all the free time given during the examination period, I do feel a little bored. Just because it is the examination period, we are expected to be studying our brains off, spending time with our books day in and day out. This restricts the activities that are open for us to do during this period. After all, what good is having spare time if you have nothing to occupy you with? Hence, it is rather ironic how we are free but yet enslaved during this period.

After reading all this, it would be no surprise for me to say that I rather enjoy the examination period. Think about it. This is the time when we actually have time to lavish upon ourselves! When the school terms resumes yet again, we will be occupied with piles of assignments and heaping amounts of new content to learn that we will hardly ever have time to just, well, chill. I really wished that my friends are like-minded with me on this issue as many of my friends (actually, I presume most students are like this) see the examination period as a time to burn midnight oil and saturate their brains with information on the various subjects. Thus, even though I long to use this time to relax and take a step back, there isn't anyone to accompany me. Where is the fun in just lazing about if you're alone?

Oh well, I guess this is partially the Singaporean trait of being kiasu kicking in. Nobody wants to do badly in an examination as it is seen as having a greater value or weightage than the normal class test. Everyone wants to excell, everyone wants to emerge tops. And does doing incredibly well equate to spending long hours a day memorizing and practicing questions? Most definitely not. I wonder when people will start to realize that, if they ever do. 

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