Sunday, May 12, 2013

Simply Bread

  There seems to be no lack of bakeries popping up around the island nowadays. Many of these bakeries also offer a dine-in option for customers to chill out with a cup of coffee and pastry, watching the world go by. One of the bakeries that I have had the opportunity to visit recently was Simply Bread. There are two outlets, one in Fifth Avenue and the other in Cluny Court. Both locations show that the bakery targets the expatriates living in Sngapore as their customers, from what I saw, were mostly foreigners.

  Seeing some enticing pictures from Instagram of Simply Bread's offerings, I dragged the family along to Simply Bread for an after-dinner snack on a Saturday and for breakfast the next morning.

After reading a few reviews, the Sticky Bun ($1.85) seemed to be its best-seller. My brother loved this as it tasted like McDonald's Cinnamon Melts. While I enjoyed the cinnamon glazed generously over the roll, I felt that the bread was not soft enough, and that McDonald's Cinnamon Melts was way better than the sticky bun.

Scrambled eggs with toast ($6.50) The scrambled eggs were marvelous. They had the deep yellow of macaroni and cheese and were perfectly runny, just how scrambled eggs should be. I enjoyed smothering the eggs onto my toast and enjoying its warm bliss. However, the toast was thin and very hard, not at all a pleasant companion for the lovely eggs.

Omelette with mushrooms, served with toast ($8.10). The omelette looked extremely unappealing but the mushrooms embedded inside were plump and juicy. If not for the thin and pathetic-looking omelette, I would have said that this would make quite a good breakfast. However, with the addition of sad-looking eggs and stale-tasting bread, the overall impression it left on me was not positive.

Corn Cheese Potato Roll - Isn't it rather peculiar? How can a roll of bread comprise of corn, cheese and potatoes together? I would never have thought of such a combination. However, the roll was delightful, if it contained only corn, that is. There was hardly any trace of the potato, and if you were expecting a gooey molten mess of cheese inside the roll, well, prepare to be disappointed. The only sign of cheese was the hard cheese top of the roll. The saving grace of the roll was its soft and fluffy savoury interior, with bits of corn hiding in the white fluff. I enjoyed the roll, sans potato sans cheese.

Unassuming-looking raisin roll which was one of the better items we had. The raisins embedded in the roll gave it a naturally sweet taste. However, the roll looked really ordinary and plain that I would never have ordered it (it was on my mother's insistence that we bought it).

The drinks (Iced cocoa, Hot cocoa and Cafe latte) fell flat as well. Totally not worth the $12 spent on drinks. (Yes, that is a total rip-off)

  Overall, I must say that I was disappointed with Simply Bread. The layout of the eatery is pleasant though, for the Fifth Avenue branch. It is very big and spacious, and the white colour minimalist theme helps to make the shop look even bigger and more spacious than it is. However, the Cluny Court branch's seating capacity is rather small, and the air-conditioning was not working when we visited. The front-line service staff were rather unpleasant as well, greeting us with frowns and impatience laced her tone.

  Unfortunately, I may not come back again.

Simply Bread (Guthrie House)
1 Fifth Ave
Singapore 268802
Tel: 6466 7767

Simply Bread (Cluny Court)
501 Bukit Timah Road
#02-07 Cluny Court
Tel: 67632621

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