Monday, May 13, 2013

Operation Smile: A Reason to Smile

Initiated by the The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, and joined by Singapore Marriott Hotel, A Reason to Smile is successfully completed for the third year now with overwhelming response.
Pastry chefs from both hotels had teamed up to produce delectable Valrhona Chocolate Banana cakes and all the proceeds were given to Operation Smile Singapore to use towards expenses relating to sending Singapore medical and support volunteers to help our Asian neighbors in the treatment of children suffering from cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities.

  My mother heard about this charity project and decided to be a blessing to others as she was celebrated for being a blessing to our family. In short, we bought a cake from the Marriott Hotel on Mother's Day and enjoyed every last morsel of it, happy in the knowledge that the money that was spent to buy the cake was used to help the less fortunate, and shallowly in a happy chocolate-induced daze.

Look at that thick layer of chocolate banana cream! It tasted spectacular frozen. I am ashamed to admit that I had three (small, I insist!) slices of cake that night...

  The chocolate banana cake was made with real Valrhona Chocolate and banana cream. As we made the mistake (or not) of leaving the cake in the freezer compartment of our refrigerator, the creamy parts of the cake turned out a little like ice-cream. That was the best mistake we had made that day. I absolutely loved the chocolate-yet-banana mousse sandwiched between two richly, dense and heavily laced with cocoa sponge cakes. For $30, this was an absolute steal.
  My opinion on the whole Mother's Day celebrations is that it is quite unnecessary as it is a reflection of society today. Do we really need to set aside a day to remember to celebrate our mothers, who have made sacrifices on a daily basis for us? If that is so, then Mother's Day does not have any meaning at all, as it implies that the hard work that mothers put in for three hundred and sixty four days is only worth a day of thanks and gratitude. All these cheap flowers and sugar-laden chocolates? They all mean nothing. However, if you buy a cake for your mother in support of a charitable cause, then I feel that it is justifiable as you are doing a good deed, by helping the less fortunate and letting your whole family enjoy the cake (as it is not sold slice by miserable slice, but by the whole circular chocolate-y goodness).
  Whatever your intention may be, though, do remember to appreciate your mothers as they are the people who will love you the most, unconditionally. Treasure your mother, and do not take her for granted, and never ever ever let a day slip by without telling her how much you love her too.
  Happy Mother's Day!

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