Monday, May 13, 2013

Alfero Gelato

  After a good meal at Pink Candy, Sang Ah, Jamie and I ventured into the culinary paradise of a street, Lorong Kilat. Lorong Kilat is home to well-known establishments such as Kim's Family Restaurant, Carpenter and Cook, Alfero Gelato and Udders, to say the least. We were looking forward to having pancakes at Kim's Family Restaurant but to our dismay, we had arrived too late and had missed its lunch session. Nevermind, there is always Carpenter and Cook just down the street. However, Carpenter and Cook is closed on Mondays, and that left us panicking. Where shall we sit and rot and stuff more food into our mouths? Looking ahead, Alfero Gelato seemed to be calling out to us, and we obeyed our calling...

  Third time lucky, they say. Not only was Alfero Gelato open for business (oh ha ha) but we were also the takers of the last waffle available! At first, the man working there apologetically told us that there were no more waffles for the day, but after hearing our cries of dismay and disappointed faces, he quickly quipped that he could still check if there was enough batter for one last waffle. Lo and behold, there was! So, greedy us got the last waffle and ate it with scoops of Pistachio, Hazelnut and Snow White flavour gelatos.

We settled ourselves down comfortably on a bar-top table with the accompanying bar stools. There was no ambiance to speak of, but the café was reasonably well-lit and designed to make it seem as spacious as possible. There were groups of other people enjoying one another's comapany over gelatos as well, but thankfully they weren't rowdy and boisterous teenagers shouting about. We sat comfortably and talked about the most absurd things, simply enjoying the time spent together.

Having the last waffle was seriously one of the best things that happened that day. The entire café smelt of aromatic waffles from previous batches of waffles that it would almost be a torture to have to eat gelatos in without the waffles. The waffle was crisp on the outside and extremely soft and, though it may sound cliché, but fluffy on the inside. All three of us loved it and devoured every cube of waffle and every scoop of gelato in silence. Words were insufficient to express the bliss we were enjoying. The hazelnut gelato (my choice, of course) was absolutely brilliant. I adore hazelnut-flavoured foods and hazelnut gelato is one of the best creations ever. The pistachio and Snow White were not bad as well, though I felt that the Snow White was a bit too creamy for my liking! The waffle, however...words are just inadequate to describe it.

When the waffle and gelato disappeared into our tummies completely, conversation resumed and we spent a large part of the afternoon talking and talking and talking. It was an afternoon very well spent.

  To be honest, my previous encounter with Alfero Gelato was when it was newly opened and they offered a 1-for-1 promotion on their gelatos, as well as one free scoop of gelato. I was not very impressed and found the gelatos a bit too overpriced. It costs $4.50 per scoop, but with the waffle and three scoops of gelato, the damage was only $12, as $0.50 was added for the premium flavour (Pistachio). I would say that is is worth the money, as Udders offers waffles with only two scoops of ice-cream for $10.50, and Udders' ice-cream cannot compare to gelato.

And according to Alfero Gelato's website...

Alfero Gelato
21 Lorong Kilat #01-01
Singapore 598123Tel: +65 64633835 

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