Wednesday, May 15, 2013

da Paolo Gastronimia III

Ah, once again I am back at Gastronomia to treat myself after a long six hours of studying. What better treat is there than delicious Italian food from Gastronomia, part of the da paolo group?
Initially intending to order the Smoked Salmon with Horseradish panini, walking by the pizza counter swayed my mind and I made the switch to a Salmon Pesto pizza in a few seconds.

Salmon Pesto Pizza ($7.50)

  The pizza came in a dainty rectangle, pre-sliced into four triangular slices for easy (and graceful) eating. The slices of baked salmon layered on top of the crisp thin crust looked absolutely mouth-watering. However, upon demolishing one triangle of pizza, I found the plate soaked with a yellow liquid...oil. My greatest fear. Resigned to the fact that there was no way I could eat the rest of the pizza without eating the oil as well, I tried my best to squeeze out some of the oil but to no avail. Oh well, at least it was olive oil...

Spaghetti Carbonara ($14)

  The mother ordered the spaghetti carbonara with bits of bacon infused in the swirls of pasta. The cream sauce was perfection: not too watery with just the right consistency. The pasta came with a very generous serving of bacon, which left my mother feeling very full indeed.

  Reluctant to leave the deli without buying some of their tempting desserts and pastries, we scoured the dessert counter. It was a hard decision to make. The cakes in Tupperware boxes looked heavenly, while the pastries lining the counter looked equally appetizing. In the end, we settled on a chocolate chip scone, which was heavily dotted with rich dark brown chocolate chips. I carried the doggy-bag happily home.
Once we reached home, I wasted no time in popping the scone into the microwave oven and set it on medium heat for two minutes. In a jiffy, the "ding" sounded and the whole kitchen smelt of warm chocolate. It has been a long while since the house smelt of chocolate. I miss that aroma.

  Everyone knows that scones are best eaten hot. Plating the scone on a plate and settling ourselves down in front of the television, my brother and I greedily tucked into the scone. We weren't as uncouth as we sound. We used forks.

  Nevertheless, the scone disappeared in less than fifteen minutes. It was that good. Imagine a big warm ball of dough, pimpled with a googolplex of chocolate chips.  Maybe it is a little hard to imagine, so here's a photo of it to give you a rough idea of what I mean. If you need it, of course.

Chocolate Chip scone ($4.20)

  The pastry was rich and dense, without being overly buttery. It was like a harder version of a chocolate chip muffin, without the airiness of a muffin. And perhaps inflicting damage much worse than a muffin top. Ah well, an occasional indulgence is fine...right?

  I am seriously contemplating returning to Gastronomia tomorrow to buy another scone back to share with my brother, to celebrate the end of his mid-term examinations and to satisfy my gluttony. But that would be an outright contradiction to what I just said...less than three sentences ago.

  Decisions, decisions.

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