Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ben and Jerry's

It was the best impromptu decision I ever made. After a quick workout session and bath, I flew out of the house to meet Sang Ah and Naasyidah for ice-cream. Sounds like the perfect post-workout treat, doesn't it?

  We went to the Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop at Rochester Mall, after picking up lunch from Cold Storage. (Yes, sushi and bread is enough to suffice.) After all, why stuff yourself with food when the space could be filled by ice-cream instead? Ben and Jerry's ice-cream, no less.

  I had a one-for-one coupon, which allowed us to buy any size of ice-cream and get another of the same size for free. We ordered a scoop each of Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Therapy, Clusterfluff and last but not least, Berry Berry Sorbet. Feeling greedy, a chocolate fudge brownie was added to the mix.

  Unfortunately, the brownie cannot be seen under all these humongous scoops of ice-cream. What a pity, as it was by far the best brownie I've ever had, and also the only reason why I suggested going to Ben and Jerry's (yes, it was my idea to drag my friends there).

  Do I really need to justify the heavenly bliss that we were all floating with? I think not. The brownie was true to its word - all fudge and all chocolate. Absolutely amazing. Enjoying a warm brownie with ice-cream, without being fazed by distasteful nuts is one of my favourite indulgences. Taste is subjective, so for the nut-lovers out there, you may be disappointed by the brownie. However, to all the nut-haters, welcome to paradise.

  Using the one-for-one coupon, the total bill of four scoops of ice-cream and a fudge brownie amounted to only $14.10! That worked out to be $4.70 for each of us. It was an absolute steal, as without the coupon, it would have been $23. I probably would not buy ice-cream from Ben and Jerry's if I did not have any special discounts as the ice-cream there is extremely expensive - $8.90 for two scoops! Can you believe it? Even artisan ice-cream shops sell their frozen treats at much more affordable prices. I know Salted Caramel offers three scoops for only $7! If you have a craving for Ben and Jerry's' wide array of ice-cream flavours, I would suggest buying the tub, as it costs only $23.90 for two tubs. (Yes, my mother used to bring home tubs of B&J ice-cream every other day.)

Ben and Jerry's
Tel: 66849606

31 Rochester Drive
#01-01 Park Avenue Rochester

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