Friday, May 24, 2013

Fei Siong Seafood Restaurant

  Tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood, just on the fringes of a busy road lies Lorong Kilat. Known to many as the home of popular café Carpenter and Cook, Lorong Kilat also boasts a few other hidden gastronomic treasures, which include the Fei Siong Seafood Restaurant.

  It is the typical Singaporean Chinese tze-char restaurant, whipping up any type of dish that you can possibly imagine. From crabs, chicken, pork, beef to fish, you name it, they have it (and probably ten other ways of preparing it). What I would recommend, however, would be the Fish Head Curry and the Claypot Ee-Mian. Being such a regular customer that the waitresses recognize me, I do believe that my recommendations are worth something!

  Let’s start with the Fish Head Curry ($23 for my pot). If you are expecting a meaty fish head in the big clay pot that they serve you, well, be prepared to be a lil’ disappointed. Initially, I felt a little cheated when I saw the fish head with not much meat on it. However, scooping up the globs of curry with the ladle, I found pieces of fish floating about the thick orange gravy. The pieces of fish were extremely succulent and meaty, and tasted absolutely fresh.

  The curry was not to disappoint, either! The taste of coconut milk made its presence known, but was not too overpowering as well. The curry had just enough spice to leave my tongue tingling – a sensation I absolutely love. There were many different vegetables in the pot as well, including large pieces of cabbage which got soggy when absorbing the curry. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing. The cabbage, when bitten into, burst into spicy curry goodness! I loved loved loved the cabbage soaked in curry and ate every once-green-turned-orange bit of it. The one thing lacking, however, would be the pineapple slices. I love pineapples in my curry so I guess this is the 美中不足 of the dish!

I literally ate a little portion of rice together with curry and vegetables!

  Another of the good dishes that Fei Siong whips up is the Claypot Ee-Mian. It seems as though they are very competent in their claypot dishes! Anyway, the noodles are thin and browned, just the way it should be. It is soaked in a thin gravy with lots of seafood and other ingredients in it, including mussels! The gravy is not too thick that it makes you feel extremely full and unhealthy after you finish slurping it all up. Which, of course, I didn’t.

  I personally felt that for $5.80, the portion was a little small. However, that may be because I enjoyed the dish so much that I between spooning noodles into my mouth and swallowing them, I had no time to realize that I was finishing it all up too quickly! Oh well, if you are a big eater, you may also choose to buy a bigger portion as they do have Medium-sized ($10) and Large-sized ($16) bowls as well.

  Fei Siong Seafood Restaurant does have its hits and misses (shall not spend time talking about those) but it remains my most frequented tze-char restaurant as it is very consistent with the quality of food it produces, as well as its easy accessibility (within walking distance of where I live!). However, I do acknowledge that the price may be a little on the high side for me to be patronizing them on a daily basis.

Fei Siong Seafood Restaurant
17 Lorong Kilat
#01-01/03 Kilat Court
Tel: 64656067

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